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About 360F

At 360F, we enable any distributor to deliver the best solutioning possible and win the customer’s trust.

Having built the world’s first ever solutioning optimizer that synergizes insurance and wealth management, we automate solutions that have the best and self-verifiable fit. This technology enables banks, insurers, wealth managers, agents and advisers to transform what’s usually a product-pushing and uncomfortable exercise for their customers into an assuring and motivating one.

Our Story

  • 360F was founded with the mission to revise the financial advisory system.

  • The aspiration began with Michael Gerber, who first stepped into financial services in Boston Consulting Group. In 2003, he took over a consulting firm and later became the CEO.

  • In 2013, Michael relocated to Singapore to expand the firm in Asia. Around the same time, Clarie joined the firm. She was formerly a financial advisor and insurance sales & product trainer.

  • Over the following years, Michael and Clarie were privy to transformative work e.g. setting up a digital insurer and assessing the local and overseas’ state of financial advisory.

  • Having grown the firm to a few hundred people globally, Michael decided it was time for the next adventure. In 2016, he started 360F. Clarie joined Michael shortly after.

  • Today, 360F has 40 people in Singapore, Vietnam and India, comprising the actuaries, data scientists, quant finance experts, computing engineers, designers and so on.

  • The team’s relentless commitment to change the financial advisory system stems from the strong motivation to be an exceptional contributer to the society’s financial wellbeing.


1. 360-NeedsProfiler®

A predictive needs profiler that jumpstarts the customer’s financial discovery and solutioning 360-NeedsProfiler® draws your attention to the financial need that has a higher personal relevance relative to the others. The outcome is actionable as most of us would have budget

constraints and therefore dilemmas. In other words, the Profiler creates intent. Intent is known to increase conversion by three times.


What incumbents do?

  • Automate data aggregation. Beautify user interface

  • These methods do not overcome the customer’s unwillingness to share all information and capacity to understand how the information is processed in a financial plan.

What we do instead:

  • With as little as 7 non-intrusive information points from your Customer, we predict what his or her prioritized financial needs should be, considering relevance, risk and constraints.

  • We give your customers instant gratification by re-iterating and presenting the analysis for every question answered. No one has ever dropped off during the 1-min exercise!

  • By navigating him or her to focus on the most relevant need, we help your Customer establish the intent. With intent, conversion is 3x better.

2. 360-ProVestment®

A powerful optimizer that gives your customers their personalized investment and insurance solutions anytime, anywhere and self-evidently the best.

360-ProVestment® automates solutioning from your available product universe and suggests the precise product configurations. Our proprietary algorithms synergize the insurance and investment products with pricing capabilities and therefore can tackle your customers’ classic but complex dilemmas.


Customers have multiple top-priority financial needs and aspirations for which no adviser can prove they have the best solution. Customer’s budget, time and preferences are constraints but holistic solutioning is also conceptually difficult, time-intensive to create and subject to sales bias.


What incumbents do?

  • Single-stage calculations, i.e. solving a financial gap in isolation without considering the solution’s effect on the overall financial wellbeing across time

  • This always results in the customer having to make major trade-offs and sacrifice one or more of their needs and aspirations while being excessive in others.

What we do instead:

  • We optimize, optimize and optimize.

What is optimization?

  • “A process to achieve the “best” design relative to a set of prioritized criteria and constraints.”

  • An Optimization Classic: The first solo nonstop transatlantic flight from New York to Paris

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