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1.Mr Wyan YEUNG - A_B Architects - Top 10 Architecture _ Interior Design Companies in Hong Kong 2022

Interview of Founder/CEO

  • How would you characterise the journey of A & B Architects from the beginning to where you are now?

A&B Architects is a growing design and development consultancy that has been dedicated to architecture and interior design since 1997. As our clients’ trusted consultant, our primary concern is to respond effectively to their needs and desires, and to devote every care and attention to providing optimum solutions. We aim to maintain this high quality of service by keeping the studio focused and intimate, rather than attempting to build it into a large enterprise. That’s why we tend not to work with corporate clients: we prefer partnerships with clients from diverse backgrounds, and to explore unconventional approaches in tackling each project. 

  • What inspired you to establish an Architect & Interior design firm?

As a partner in the firm, I believe our innovative approach will blend artistic inspiration and solid functionality, thereby crafting bespoke solutions for the architectural and interior design industry. Rather than being a traditional architect, we see ourselves as our clients’ development consultant, contributing our professional knowledge to match and enhance their business decisions. We envision business strategies as being like sails to propel the vessel of our common purpose. We and our clients are in the same boat and sail together.

  • Walking through this long journey, what kind of challenges did you face?

Carrying out our clients’ vision is my prime direction, and this continually brings me new challenges. I aim to realize our clients’ vision and values through tailored design. My team takes the utmost care in the journey from the development of a concept to its eventual execution. Because of our bespoke approach, we choose to stand apart from conventional firms in terms of self-promotion and advertising. We therefore prefer not to promote ourselves through social media in the same way as our competitors. All our new clients approach us through referral from our previous and current clients and we choose to rely on word-of-mouth marketing, though this can sometimes be quite challenging. 

  • On how many projects have you worked? Which of them is or was tough to design?

I have worked on numerous projects in the past few years. In my practice, all projects are tough and unusual because I always strive to pinpoint the uniqueness of a project and to unlock its unforeseen development potential. I am quite lucky in having developed a clientele who share a similar philosophy with me. Equally, my team is highly experienced in architectural and interior design work, ranging from private housing to hotels, to the latest high-tier data centre. We are one of the leading specialists in designing high-tier data centres. The design philosophy we’ve developed is totally different from the conventional approach. It’s not something we could have learned at architecture schools. Windows, day and night, and natural ventilation are meaningless; maintaining system redundancy, security and efficiency are the only goals. 

  • Do you have any special memories that make you feel particularly proud of your contribution to the Architecture industry?

I believe the client always comes first, and I am devoted to delivering my very best to foreground my clients’ insights and goals. I believe that pouring commitment into what I do and constantly striving for breakthroughs are what makes for successful designs. That’s why we are keen to provide our clients with exciting and innovative alternative approaches which they might not otherwise have considered.

  • What challenges have you noticed in terms of future growth in the architecture industry? 

The principle is simple – never sacrifice quality for quantity. Conventional design approaches can no longer satisfy today’s market needs and we must understand the 21st century world in the context of the latest relevant knowledge from economics, sociology of technology, political science, geography, history and other disciplines.

  • What would you like to say about your team?

I have the best team in the studio. I also reckon grooming young talents is important. My studio is perfectly placed to recruit the best of the best graduates directly from the university.

  • What leadership skills do you think propelled you towards success?

Emphasizing that each design must be logical and precise, yet innovative and artistic. I believe there is always more than one solution to a design problem, and that there must be an appropriate balance between the intricacies of a design and resource constraints, all the while maintaining amplitude and versatility.

  • Tell us about your life journey and academic experience.

I strongly believe in taking a broad approach by valuing the input of diverse disciplines and specialists to create extraordinary designs through holistic solutions that address the world’s most pressing issues. I love architecture and the role it plays in everyone’s life since it can be an expression of civic and personal values.

  • What will be your message to young, aspiring future architects?

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs.

  1. A) Kindly provide us with the following information also:
Year of Founding: 1997
Founding Members: 3
Office Locations: Hong Kong
Company Strength: Development Consultancy, Specialists in High-Rated Data Centres & Luxury Homes
Website: http://anb.design/

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