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Abyss Processing Pte Ltd

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50% of the people in the world that suffer from glaucoma (75% in Singapore) are not aware they have it and 90% of the detections are late. Our solution will help doctors to decrease these numbers. Abyss Processing Pte Ltd is a start-up company that aims to improve and simplify glaucoma management.

The company was created in 2015 by researchers from the National University of Singapore since then the company was incubated in NUS and using grants and other fundings to develop software called reflectivity. A licence agreement was signed with NUS and since beginning of 2019 the software is ready. We are launching it to the research market and we plan to pass the certification (FDA and CE) to reach the clinical market.

Glaucoma is a blinding disorder with no cure and no consensus on the diagnosis methods. Today’s workflow in detection of glaucoma can take up to one year. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and 3D image restoration technologies, Abyss has already a well-established software that can provide very accurate results in seconds. The solution has been tested and validated by top medical institutions worldwide. Our patented technologies and our methods can then be adapted to other eye diseases as well as neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer,).

Our software Reflectivity is even more powerful than before and now offers unique features for glaucoma diagnosis & prognosis

Glaucoma is a complex disease affecting the 3D structures of the eye. Our team is dedicated to provide clinicians with companion software tools that will help them reduce blindness from glaucoma.

1. Restoring tissue visibility


Our technologies can restore the visibility of the main site of glaucoma damage (the optic nerve head) in optical coherence tomography (OCT) images by removing noise, shadows, and artifacts.

2. Quantifying tissue structures


With our technology (digital staining), we can classify neural and connective tissues of the optic nerve head in 3D OCT images. We also offer unprecedented 3D structural analysis and 3D visualization of eye tissues.

3. Reducing clinical tests and hospital costs


We can provide a glaucoma diagnosis/prognosis that is more accurate than that given by any other gold-standard glaucoma parameters (or their combinations).

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