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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) constitute a major chunk of the total entrepreneurial domain worldwide, facilitating socio-economic enhancement and generation of employment. As SMEs contribute substantially to the GDP, empowering them would prove to be conducive to the economic development of a nation. A crossover from informal to formal economy is a desirable change for most SMEs and a platform that facilitates this transition is a need of the hour. One such platform is ‘ACCLOUD’ which was established by Ross James, Founder and CEO.

Why choose ACCLOUD?

The biggest dilemma that SMEs face today is the lack of proper access to affordable capital. To maintain funding, SMEs without proper access to finance channels often resort to alternate sources that generate high interest and transaction costs. This ultimately leads to a greater vulnerability to market change in the form of a self-perpetuating vicious cycle. In addition to these hurdles, SMEs face accounting issues from time to time that has to be addressed in a time-saving and organised manner. ‘ACCLOUD’ offers a platform that is easy to use and extremely cost-effective aimed at eliminating these constraints. Through ‘ACCLOUD’, SMEs can harness multiple channels for proper funding, trading, accounting and tax solutions with the help of digital technology. In short, this platform offers business tools that allow the effortless digitization of an enterprise economically through the use of integrated cloud services.

Transforming a dream into reality

With over 30 years of experience in the ITC industry, Ross James established ‘ACCLOUD’ in 2015 to accelerate the potential of small businesses. Ross played a crucial role in the Application Service Provider (ASP) market in the 1990s which introduced him to client server computing and the newly reformed utility and cloud computing. This proved to be instrumental to the formation of ‘ACCLOUD’ which offers a diversity of tools including cloud computing for small businesses.

Overview of services

‘ACCLOUD’ offers business management tools to handle sales, purchase, inventory, warehousing, assembly, contacts, payables, receivables, finance, e-trading, tax compliance and material planning. Management has become easy with ‘ACCLOUD’ as the tools offer a method of regulating inventory based on the dynamic production planning modules and in turn sales and purchases. Human errors are addressed on a grass-root level with options for quick rectification of mistakes. Additionally, all payments are highly organized in the systems of ‘ACCLOUD’ with an insight into the creditors’ profile. Ledger and cashbook systems are the latest in the field of accounting. Tax management and calculation is another aspect that is dealt with effortlessly by the ‘ACCLOUD’ system.


Ross aims to uplift the MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) sector that has suffered a downfall in the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Ross and his team are working on a product that aggregates multiple technologies under one umbrella, a user-friendly app. It is expected to reach the market in the next year.

  • Industry : Information Technology & Services

  • Company Size : 51 – 200 employees

  • Headquarters : London, England

  • Type : Public company

  • Founded : 2015

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