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Acess Meditech

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Acess Meditech specialized in the Insurance domain for over 15 years in the business and provided Insurance ERP Solutions using advanced technologies. They combine digital, core, analytics, and AI to deliver our platform as an in-house or a cloud service. AMTPL offers best-in-class technology solutions for all lines of Insurance business like Medical, Motor, Fire and Property, Engineering, Medical Malpractice, Travel, Marine, Group Life & Credit Life. Their solutions are focused on increasing the operating margins and cash flow generation of our clients. Financial Reporting, Compliance, Inventory Purchase, CRM & HRM, Risk Management, IT Help Desk – END TO END ERP solution. With over 15 years of experience with several leading Insurance companies around the world, Acess MediTech has a demonstrated capacity to fulfill clients’ core, data, and digital prerequisites.

They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and provide the solutions and implementation methodologies that align with their business and sales strategies. Their portfolio features Rating Engine, Underwriting, Policy Administration, Billing Module, Approvals, Claims, Reinsurance, B2B, and B2C, Mobile applications, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI chatbot, connecting with Workshops, Surveyors, BI, illustration and electronic application and decision management software. They have always believed Insurance Technologies should be the partner the industry can count on and that is why they stand by what they say and what they do. Acess MediTech’s digital offerings, they have automated more than 90% of the workflow taking out dependencies on Individuals and reducing stress and human errors.

Why Acess Meditech?

  • Top Insurance: They have specialist resources in distribution, underwriting, claims and policy administration operations, and digital insurance.
  • Full-Service Offering:  AMTPL offers a complete range of services from pure strategic consulting to implementation and ongoing managed services.
  • Digital Talent: claims and policy administration operations, and in digital insurance.

Products They Have:

  1. Toshfa: TOSHFA is a comprehensive ERP solution for Insurers & Third-Party Administrators for Health Insurance Quotation Engine, policy administration module and claims management module, hospital network module, analysis module, accounting module, Reinsurance module as well as 360 degrees reporting to TPA, Insurers, Hospital, Corporate, Individuals, and Brokers & Agents.

TOSHFA has gone through various functional and technological revolutions over the years. It is a web-based application along with integrated portals for Hospital Portal, Corporate Portal, broker Portal, Agent Portal, and Customer Portal to view the details and claim status and reports from the website login section.

  • Limra: LIMRA is a global ERP solution for General Insurers that allows them to adapt to changing market conditions and business channels ahead of the competition. Cover all your business processes for Quotation Engine, Policy Management module, Underwriting module, Claims Management module, Reinsurance Module (outward & non-proportional reinsurance & FAC, etc) & and Full Accounting module thus avoiding re-keying and providing you with the coveted ‘single version of the truth’ across all operations for managing the General Lines of Business that includes Motor, Medical Malpractice, Engineering, Fire & Property, Marine Cargo, Group & Credit Life, Travel and Casualty.

They wanted to enable people and businesses throughout the world to access the best cutting-edge Insurance IT solutions & to enhance the business growth of our customers with creative design, development, and to deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage to customers around the globe. Their mission is to be the industry’s premier provider of Insurance service solutions, they would like to be recognized as a firm that will make a global difference – the way to the future of Insurance IT solutions. Think Big. Deliver Big.


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