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Tell us about your company. Its vision and mission.

Our company was registered Aug 2020, but our R&D work has been ongoing for the past 5 years.

Our Vision : An aircon on every desk and in every home

Our Mission : Develop an energy-efficient and affordable desktop cooling system for every desktop.

What were the challenges you faced at the time of inception?

We faced challenges on the technological front as well as disruption from the pandemic. Technology challenge: Today, people use either aircon or fan. There are limited options in-between – the evaporative cooler does not work in a humid environment like Singapore. IcePuffer offers an option to lower room temperature by 7 degrees without the price-tag of traditional aircon. The IcePuffer is the world’s first non-vapour compression, Freon-free cooling system. Personal cooling achieved with just under 100W of power.

Covid challenge: The supplies required for our R&D processes were disrupted and our work was slowed down significantly.

What are the services & products you provide and the technologies used for that?

We are doing a stress test on IcePuffer, the desktop fan that puff 7°C cooler breeze, now. We look forward to delivering the products to the market before Xmas 2021.

IcePuffer is the real alternative to aircon. When using the aircon, all windows are to be shut. However, unless IcePuffer is supplementing the cooling of an air conditioner, the windows should be kept open while using IcePuffer.

In an aircon room of about 28°C, the IcePuffer will deliver a cooler breeze of 21°C for personal cooling In many places, for example, in Singapore, the room temperature is around 30°C with high humidity, IcePuffer can deliver a cool breeze of 23°C in an open environment, with the windows open for fresh air natural ventilation, in a humid environment.

Why should one prefer you?

IcePuffer is a new category of product. This is not an evaporative cooler fan that can be powered with USB and requires ice water to work. IcePuffer is the only product in the market today that can sustain a 7°C cooler breeze and uses less than 100W.

IcePuffer can be placed by the desktop monitor to direct a cool breeze to you while you are working in the office or at home in open air, humid environment.

If there is no need to cool the furniture and cabinet in the room, IcePuffer personal cooling uses 10 times less power compared to a traditional aircon today. IcePuffer can also be used to supplement hot corners in an air-conditioned office.

What is your strategy to reach customers?

Our current plan to sell our aCoolx IcePuffer online. We are also looking for an opportunity to license our patent-pending technology or OEM products.

How do you manage to work in different sectors?

This is an electric appliance for home use and office use. It is excellent for use in Office, Home, hostel, hospitals

What emerging marketing trends have you identified that could affect the industry?

IcePuffer is our first product. It provides affordable, energy-efficient personal cooling, compared to an air-conditioned room.

Moving forward, going green is the trend. Global Cooling Prize (http://globalcoolingprize.org ) is attempting to address the issue. We are working on creating a new aircon that does not require a hot air exhaust hose. Skeptics say that this is technically impossible, but time will tell.

What safety violations do you see most often, and how would you prevent them?

ACoolx does not see any safety violation with our R&D and products.

After diagnosing the problem, what tools have you used to explain options to a customer? IcePuffer is a simple product. Turn it on and enjoy the cool breeze. Their other option is to install an aircon and pay 10X the electric bill.

Tell us about your accomplishments.

Awarded Honorable Mention Awards in CrowdFunded Summit 2020 ( Sep 2020 ). Technically, aCoolx have a breakthrough in inventing a non-vapour compression, freon free cooling system. With a size small enough to place it on your desktop and bedside. It creates a whole new world of opportunity and possibility.

Details of the company

  • Year of Founding: August 2020

  • Funding Information: Currently, it is privately funded by the founders/family, we are going for our first round of funding to complete the design and manufacturing very soon

  • Founding Members: Chung, Yong-Quan (CTO), Soo Kean Thai (CEO)

  • Office Locations: Singapore

  • Company Strength: R&D Innovation

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