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What is Adesto?

Adesto Technologies (NASDAQ:IOTS) (Also known as Dialog Semiconductor) is a leading developer of IoT-ready application-specific semiconductors and solutions. More than 2,000 clients use the company’s technology to create distinctive solutions in the industrial, consumer, medical, and communications markets throughout the world. Adesto is assisting its customers in ushering in the Internet of Things era with its growing array of high-value solutions. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT applications are powered by Dialog Semiconductor’s standard and custom integrated circuits (ICs). By delivering Battery Management, Bluetooth® low energy, Wi-Fi, Flash memory, and Configurable Mixed-signal ICs, Dialog’s proven experience accelerates the next generation of today’s devices, boosting power efficiency, reducing charge times, and increasing performance and productivity on the move. Dialog is a socially responsible employer with a fabless business model that benefits its people, community, other stakeholders, and the environment in which it operates. They assist manufacturers to reach the next level with decades of knowledge and world-class innovation. They stay at the forefront of power-efficient semiconductor technology for the IoT, mobile, computing and storage, linked medical, and automotive applications because of our enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Their Business Groups

Adesto’s skeleton is made up of business groups. These are described below:

1. Mixed Signal (Advanced)

This group makes advanced mixed-signal ICs, such as:

GreenPAKTM is a new series of programmable or configurable mixed-signal integrated circuits that combine several system functions while reducing component count, board area, and power consumption.

Rapid ChargeTM is a range of AC/DC controller technologies that allow for quick and efficient charging of portable devices.

For high-performance TV backlighting, automobile headlamps, and industrial solid-state lighting, LED and MicroLED drivers are used.

2. Audio & Connectivity

This group specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, high-performance audio System on Chips (SoCs), and entire module solutions. The following items are available :

A wide range of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) components that provide high-system-level solutions for wearables, smart homes, and connected medical devices.

Wi-Fi SoCs with ultra-low power consumption and Wi-Fi/BLE module solutions that provide direct connectivity between the Wi-Fi router and battery-powered IoT devices like sensors, smart locks, and security cameras.

In the next generation of human-machine interactions, haptic drivers provide high-definition haptic input.

Wireless audio modules and IC CODECs with high fidelity, low latency, beamforming, and noise cancellation for consumer applications including gaming headsets, True Wireless Stereo earbuds, and semi-professional microphones.

A family of 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz wireless audio SoCs that deliver reliable low-power audio system solutions for professional audio applications as well as high-end consumer headsets.

3. Personalized Mixed Signal

A business unit focused on developing custom ASIC products to replace discrete power management components with fully integrated single-chip solutions that provide the following benefits:

Energy efficiency, design simplicity, and cost savings are all advantages.

Portable and mobile devices, automobile infotainment systems, solid-state drives, and gaming all benefit from improved battery management.

Longer battery life thanks to high-quality, efficient charging methods.

4. The Internet of Things in Industry

Their newest business group offers a broad selection of innovative ICs and custom ASICs for the most demanding industrial, advanced communications, and building automation applications. The following are examples of typical applications:

Industrial field bus systems provide network connectivity.

ASICs for satellite communication.

Exceptional dependability Technology for non-volatile resistive RAM that is optimized for industrial use.

The company also offers full Industrial Edge Computing server platforms that connect manufacturing and construction operations to cloud-based control and AI analytics.

Product categories

The company offers products in the following categories:

  • Programmable Mixed-Signal Devices

  • World-class power management innovation for personal, portable applications

  • Connectivity devices

  • Audio devices

  • Memory devices

  • Industrial Edge Computing

  • Silicon IP

  • Interface / Sensory devices

Narbeh Derhacobian CEO

Narbeh is a seasoned executive with more than 25 years of experience leading technology-driven companies. Integrity, results-oriented management, unwavering teamwork, transparency, and focused execution of growth strategies are all hallmarks of his leadership philosophy. Narbeh led all areas of the company’s growth from a three-person start-up to its IPO in 2015 as CEO of Adesto Technologies (NASDAQ: IOTS), which he co-founded in 2007. Narbeh has vast experience in public and private market fundraising, team building, mergers and acquisitions, and forming strategic partnerships. Executive Management is one of his specialties.

  • Industry : Semiconductors

  • Company size : 201-500 employees

  • Headquarters : Santa Clara, CA

  • Type : Public Company

  • Founded : 2007

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