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Aglaia Capital-A Forerunner In The Corporate Finance And Financial Services Industry


“A thousand-mile trip must begin with a single step.” This remark is as broad as they come, and it perfectly encapsulates Angela Alvarez’s underlying ideals as Founder and Executive Chairman of Aglaia Capital. Aglaia Capital is a Madrid-based independent Corporate Finance boutique consultancy firm focused on Hotels, Real Estate Transactions, and Financing, as well as Fintech, Blockchain, and Digital Assets.

The firm specialises in market investment prospects in Spain and Europe, as well as Latin America, the United States, and Asia. Aglaia Capital’s experience, knowledge, and worldwide capabilities, as well as cooperative business models with partners in other geographies, enable the company to effectively deal with a select niche of investors and one-of-a-kind ventures in other nations.

Angela is renowned as the disruptor in the Finance vertical for leading a new generation of Corporate Finance businesses that combine the knowledge, conventional discipline, and strengths of an Investment Banking organisation with the strengths of a technology-oriented business.

Transforming the Industry

Angela was up with a strong desire to learn and an equal interest in both sciences and humanities. Thriving, creating a positive influence, and contributing to a better world have all been there throughout her life, and they have been the main triggers of her hopes and aspirations.

She has held various positions at BBVA, including Head of Investment Banking and member of the Risk Committee of the Iberian Special Assets Situations unit, Member of the Executive Committee of BBVA Consumer Finance and the Digital Bank Uno-e Bank, and Head of Corporate Development for Consumer Finance, Insurance, and Financial Institution acquisitions in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Brazil. She previously led KPMG’s European Corporate Finance and M&A FIG team in Spain. PWC Corporate Finance, Bankinter, Citibank, and All Trading AVB were among her previous employers.

Angela is a strategic partner and Vice Chairman of Fair Value Capital (UK), a London-based private office and corporate finance boutique, as well as a member of the Advisory Board of Scheme Investments, a DLT-focused venture capital fund based in Tel Aviv and Malta. She

speaks at economic forums, is involved in international M&A, Fintech, and Blockchain, is passionate about decentralised technologies and cooperative business models, and is involved in a Blockchain P2P crypto marketplace. She has been recognised as a Top Fintech Influencer, Top Women Leaders, and an Elite league of innovative entrepreneurs.

Keeping up to the latest trends

Having devoted her career in the Finance industry, the idea of Aglaia Capital came from her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the industry. She established Aglaia Capital with an aim to adapt the industries where she has developed her professional career, Corporate Finance, M&A, Investment Banking, and Financial Services, with the new technologies, anticipating the needs of the clients, and including her vision of the industry in short term. With Aglaia Capital, Angela is on a mission to mix the traditional Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Venture Capital business with the new digital world, being pioneers on the transformation of the industry.

Today, Aglaia Capital is known for taking a comprehensive approach to transactions, responding to current trends and expectations, and being inventive and individualised in its approach. New technologies and digitalization are revolutionising the financial sector, and the firm has included those new trends into its offering, such as access to tokenization or investing in digital assets, based on current usage and market size.

Aglaia Capital also has a Venture Capital arm that invests in Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) Fintech projects at an early stage, with no geographical constraints. Its goal is to assist the development of a new generation of financial infrastructure, with Aglaia Capital working in tandem with some of the companies it invests in. It also contains an Investment Club to make the process of making investments easier by offering a deal flow based on the investors’ investment strategy, allowing them to co-invest, and assisting them in locating other advisors and services.

Investors, funds, family offices, and ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNIs) from around the world who want to invest in hotels, real estate, debt, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Fintech, and hotel chain owners looking to sell non-core assets or find financial joint venture partners, as well as corporates looking for funding or financing for their businesses.

Impediments and Difficulties

Her life has been guided by the principle of “Dream it. Angela has faced obstacles along the route to her goal of “Wish it. Do it.” Challenges, on the other hand, have a distinct significance for her. The difficulties, she claims, are possibilities for progress. As a result, she has always

attempted to turn each problem into a new stride along the route she has always imagined, following her instincts and dreams. Furthermore, she claims that being an entrepreneur is a constant challenge while also being like a new novel waiting to be written, allowing her to imprint her vision and adapt the firm to changing circumstances.

“These days, with a more global, flexible lifestyle, career and personal life are quite intertwined. I believe that having a purpose and being surrounded by people who share your interests and help you achieve it has a beneficial impact. I believe that prioritising where to spend money makes the most effect. “I try to spend quality time with myself and be present with my closest friends and family,” Angela adds.

Designing the Future

She is motivated mostly by her own enthusiasm for what she does, as well as the passion of other entrepreneurs, and by seeing life as an opportunity to create a present and a future, as well as to positively impact those around her and the generations to come.

“Having a reason to accomplish something and enjoying it is a great motivator. We want to prosper every day and contribute to a better world through our company approach and how we interact with others,” she says.

Aglaia Capital aspires to be a reference for off-market acquisitions in the future, aiding investors and owners of hotels and assets who seek a unique and tailored advise for transactions and financing in hotels, real estate, and blockchain fintech in Europe and other select locations.

“We will also aspire to build a Private Equity Strategy that will make it easier to make investments by utilising our market knowledge and deal flow, as well as digitising those vehicles in the future to make them more efficient, lucrative, liquid, and transparent for our investors,” she finishes.

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding: 2019

  • Funding Information: Privately held

  • Founding Member: Angela Alvarez

  • Office Locations: Madrid, Spain

  • Company Strength: 1-10 Employees

Source & reference:

Story by: Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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