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About the company

We automate monotonous processes not only to save time and effort, but also to allow humans to focus on creativity, analysis, and problem solving. Because artificial intelligence (the bots) helps humans (the brains) function better, we believe bots and brains can help build the future of work. This results in high-performing businesses that can use automation to offer additional business value.

A Multinational Group

The Philippines and Singapore are the locations of our two primary offices. We also have a developing regional partner network, which provides us with a worldwide perspective on how we construct the workplace of the future every day.

We are a fully functional virtual team during this pandemic, and we are able to cater to our growing client base while working from home.

Transparency and trust in the workplace

We’re a group of techies and futurists who are enthralled by the way AI is transforming the way we do business every day.

Unlike other fast-growing software companies, we have an average of 80% of current employees who have been with us since the beginning (when founded 7 years ago). This reflects not only our commitment to quality, but also, more significantly, our passion for the firm.

How do we do it?

1. Process Discovery

We first understand the current state of your business processes.

We identify which processes are:

  • Rule based

  • Have long process durations

  • Have high variations

  • Prone to bottlenecks and inefficiencies

2. Optimization

We streamline and optimize processes. After identifying bottlenecks and variations, we find what can be improved and which process drives the most value for the enterprise.

3. Implementation

We’re process consultants who also implement automation solutions. Unlike other consultancies, we implement the automation solutions ourselves through our own robotic process automation platform.

We give enterprise clients:

  • Cost Savings

  • Accuracy and efficiency

  • Improved cycle times

  • Productivity

  • Compliance

  • Reliability

  • Employee Satisfaction

4. Monitoring & Improvement

We conduct process benchmarking and compliance measuring. Lastly, we review the results to monitor if it has achieved the desired outcome. This is an effective way to also measure the enterprise’s ROI on automation.

Here’s how it helps

Expertise : With tenured experience in process transformation, our consultants give sharp insights and actionable recommendations to transform your business processes.

Customer Focus : With a deep customer focus, we act as a partner to our clients. Our services have helped enterprise clients grow substantially in revenue or in efficiency. We succeed only when you do.

Results Driven : We quantify results for you over time. By monitoring automation rates, process compliance, cost savings and other KPIs, we deliver process transformation that helps enterprises meet their own business objectives.

Build bots on-demand. No coding needed.

  • Low Code : Allows users to create bots using a user-friendly interface

  • End to End : Connect bot processes with human activities in order to automate an entire business process

  • Scalable : Deploy as many bots as you need on-demand to do more work in less time.

Source : aiah

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