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Air France-KLM boss warns travelers to go to the airport early

Air France-KLM boss warns travelers

On Thursday, June 23, Air France-KLM’s chief executive officer said it would take weeks or months to recruit new security personnel to reduce the pressure on Amsterdam airport, which had seen cancellations of the flight, severe delays, and severe headaches. as global travel returns from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Air France-KLM chief executive Ben Smith told reporters that the company was seeking compensation for some of its losses, blaming Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport problems for the lack of security and other employees outside the control of KLM.

Although the Dutch government is under pressure to find solutions, once security personnel is hired, “it can take weeks or months for them to recover” due to the government’s need for safety authorization, Smith said.

Airlines and airports that have reduced jobs during the violence are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for travel, and passengers are facing critical situations at airports around Europe and the United States.

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