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Airmas Asri

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Airmas Asri’s works can be seen as an important part of Indonesia’s architectural history. Trying to understand his work leads us to different perceptions of a particular style, classification, shape and personality. In the end, a spatial image of the diversity of the company’s architecture business is created.

There are meanings in the world. Then the body experiences the things around it. Perception is based on the relationship between meaningful objects in this world while maintaining a certain distance from the object, which enables us to study, combine, analyze and question. This gives the same quality of visualization. Here is a question: What meaning determines our understanding of Airmas Asri? This article attempts to examine the various ways, assumptions, and reasons for understanding the importance of doing business in a company.

Perception of Airmas Asri

In Indonesian architecture, the roof is the crown and head of a building. For example, traditional Javanese architecture has five roof shapes: Panggang Pe, Kampung, Limasan, Joglo and Tajug. Each number represents the upper limit of social status. The crown – above the building – can be part of the spatial legitimacy that gives it a special meaning.

The crown is also evident in modern Airmas works such as The Pakubuwono View. Although there does not seem to be a connection between this work, it is inspired by the Prambanan temple complex. Similar to the temple, the Pakubuwono facade is designed as a head (crown), body and legs. The Pakubuwono View crown itself is based on the Pramban crown, but here the Pramban crown is interpreted through an Art Deco design, making the crown tower the center of the city. The details of this crown are related to the batik style. This is an application of “Java Ancient” in tower design. The shape of the Java Temple has been beautifully altered to create a shape that matches the body of the building and the base of the building.

Contextually Iconic

One of Airmas Asri’s works that expresses the concept of textile iconography is the Talavera Office Park. Located between TB Simatupang Road and Pangeran Antasari Street, next to the busy Jakarta Outer Road, it is a symbol of the area. In relation to the situation in the region in 2005 (when the project started), which was not now overcrowded, this plan gives the courage to develop the region. The Talavera Office Park is a neighborhood landmark that has successfully created an identity for this neighborhood. The design of the building has an “aerodynamic” quality in that it is visible to people in fast cars.

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