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For the last 10 years AIS Technolabs is providing excellent offshore web development services to global Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Large Organizations as it is established in the year 2011.

Our disciplined web services have helped our clients to achieve their business objectives with the use of the right platforms and technology that provide the best results with the guidelines given by our amazing Founders Sunny Chawla and Hermit Chawla among the staff of 250+ employees. We have a transparent, timely as well as streamline development process that helps our customers achieve significant outputs and results. Our offices are located in India, United Kingdom, Canada, North America, UAE.

Tellus about the journey of your company. Its vision and mission.

AIS Technolabs was established in 2011 with headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has been growing since then and now, we are a team of 250+ professionals working for one common goal – Complete client satisfaction. We have served 39 countries by delivering 8500+ projects in different domains. We have been providing out-of-the-box web design and development, mobile app development, game development, software development, and digital marketing solutions to our clients across the globe.

What were the constraints you faced while starting with the company?

It was a challenge for us to find the best talents in the industry. When we commenced our operations, we had been hunting for skilled and proficient professionals to join our team. Improvement in our processes, and incorporation of the latest tools and technologies helped us automate all the operations and form a good position in the market.

What services do you provide to the customers? Why should one prefer you?

We offer effective B2B and B2C ecommerce websites, Game Development, Web and mobile apps to our clients across the globe. We craft engaging and profit-generating ecommerce websites and portals that have amazing UI/UX. We are known for providing exceptional quality cutting-edge ecommerce solutions to help our clients achieve their business objectives. As a leading web and mobile app development company.

How do you stay up-to-date with IT developments?

Our team keeps an eye on the latest technological advancements in the IT industry. We conduct regular training sessions for our professionals to ensure that our team is capable of delivering future-ready solutions to our clients. Tell me about your biggest success as an IT consultant. What kind of project did you work on?

A client came to us for building a centralized system for managing 15+ ecommerce stores using a single admin panel. He had retail stores also and was looking for a comprehensive system that could accommodate inventories from all the online stores. We created a CMS to help the client manage all the ecommerce stores and retail stores from one place. We also helped them with SEO and digital marketing services, which resulted in 150% increase in their revenues.

How do you maintain confidentiality?

We respect the confidentiality of our clients and sign NDA with them to protect their project idea and privacy while working on their project.

When you undertake multiple projects with tight deadlines, how do you stay on track?

We have a team of 250+ professionals working for us. We are capable of handling projects within tight deadlines. We use agile methodology to accelerate timely delivery of the projects. Good communication between different teams keeps everyone on track. Daily stand-up meetings help our teams meet even the stressful deadlines. We believe that proper project planning is the key to meeting deadlines.

What is achievements and recognition?

AIS Technolabs has been listed in the Hall of Fame 2020 at The Enterprise World magazine. We have been recognized as the best digital technology service provider by the Enterprise World.

What are your upcoming projects?

We have been working on a few AR, VR and IoT projects as of now. We focus on website design and development, ecommerce website development, software development, digital transformation, on-demand app development, open source development, Microsoft services, and a lot more. Our team is also working on Poker, betting, Rummy, and other game development projects for our clients across the globe.

*This story is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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