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About Us

We believe that a healthy population lays the foundations for happy, productive and connected societies. To reach this goal, we harness science to empower the population to live long and healthy lives and thereby reduce the growing burden of non-communicable chronic disease.

Anything is possible when highly motivated people who share similar beliefs apply themselves to solve serious global problems. We turned this belief into action when we created Aktivolabs to take on the challenge of improving population health. At Aktivolabs, we are building digital behavioural modification tools using best practices and scientific methods to improve the health of people across cultures and countries.

Our flagship health app, Aktivo, is powered by a proprietary algorithm generating the Aktivo Score®, which is a digital biomarker for health and longevity.

We are focused on reaching corporations, insurers and individuals across cultures, languages and countries to empower all to live long healthy lives. Join us in building fitter, healthier and happier societies.


1. For Life and Health Insurers And Re-Insurers: Aktivo helps life and health insurers to engage and acquire high value customers, price and manage risk at scale, and provide a deeply valued service for meaningful interaction with customers.

  • An engagement tool with customers: With Aktivo, insurance customers objectively determine the impact of their lifestyle choices on their health every day. Aktivo helps insurers stay in touch with the customers and provide support on what really matters to the customers, which is their long-term health.

  • Stay ahead with machine learning: Using historical and customer-behavioural data, the Aktivo Analytics Engine provides deep insights into Customer Lifetime Values and Population Health Models. With Aktivo Analytic Engine, insurers can use the Campaign Analytics Module and Customer Forecasts to run promotions and programs for focused marketing.

  • Aktivo for a caring organisation: With Aktivo, insurers show that the organisation cares for valued customers, improves customer loyalty on their journey to long-term health, and lowers health claims. Aktivo combines cutting-edge science with an engaging customer interface to create a rich and outstanding experience. Aktivo enables insurers to acquire an indispensable touchpoint with the customers in real-time.

Deliver Product Innovation.

  • Seamless accelerated underwriting: With Aktivo, insurers can now launch products that redefine customer interaction and the ease of doing business.

  • New and compelling product design: Aktivo empowers insurers to stand out from the competition with new and compelling product design while vastly improving the ease of onboarding policyholders.

  • Portfolio growth: Aktivo helps insurers support the valued customers on their journey to long-term health and harness the promise of technology and big data for commercial success.

2. For Corporations: With Aktivo, corporations provide a low touch, high impact platform that gives corporate employees the information to make the right choices for healthy lifestyles and long-term health. Aktivo helps corporations engage corporate employees for health, wellness and productivity through group activities as well as engaging customised content at the Aktivo Social wall.

  • The right kind of motivation with the Aktivo Score®Aktivo empowers corporate employees to live a healthy lifestyle every day. With Aktivo, corporations reward healthy lifestyles across teams, departments or as an organisation. Aktivo allow corporate employees to recognise the benefits of their daily lifestyle choices and guide users to attain long-term health.

  • Reduce medical costs with the Aktivo Score ®Aktivo’s leveraging of the latest in digital health technology enables corporate employees to live a healthy life, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, lower their health insurance premiums and decrease their medical claims.

Use the Aktivo Score® to make effective workplaces.

Aktivo drives corporate engagement with employees through the best digital health and wellness experience. With Aktivo’s digital health tools, corporations objectively measure and drive healthy behavioural change. The easy-to-use Aktivo Dashboard helps corporations to support people decisions with actionable insights from lifestyle data.

3. For Users

  • Living a good life: Many of you aspire to be productive in your work and be an integral part of a community. With these demands placed on your time, Aktivo helps you make the right lifestyle choices in a busy routine for a long and healthy life.

  • Delivering optimal choices for health: You now have a digital biomarker for health and longevity in your pocket! Aktivo is more than just a step counter. Aktivo objectively measures your daily activities and helps you make informed lifestyle decisions to be your best self.

  • Start your Aktivo journey to a long and healthy life: All you need is your smartphone to begin your Aktivo journey. Your Aktivo Score® tells you how healthy is your lifestyle and is your guide to optimal health.

  • Group up for the Aktivo team experience.: Team up with your family and friends for custom challenges to keep each other on the Aktivo track as you improve your Aktivo Score®. Share your journey on Aktivo Social while drawing inspiration from tips and advice. Check your progress with Aktivo statistics and stay on course to a long healthy life.

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