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Algogene Financial Technology Company Limited

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Tell us about your company. Its vision and mission.

Algogene Financial Technology Company limited is a fintech startup based in Hong Kong. ALGOGENE is an online open platform providing one-stop investment solutions, servicing both retails and institutions, for learning, testing, executing and investing algorithmic trading strategy. Our mission is to help users invest more scientifically and automatically. Through the adoption of AI and big data analytics, our vision is that everyone can own their trading bots and achieve investment growth as if a professional trader.

What were the constraints you faced at the time of inception?

“Algorithm is a vehicle, Data is the fuel”. In this AI era, data is valuable but difficult to collect, manage and storage in a cost-effective way. We encountered the same problem as faced by many other AI companies at the time of inception.

In fact, before starting ALGOGENE, the founder had spent over 2 years in data sourcing and designing distributed data storage architecture. Due to the robust foundation at an early stage, ALGOGENE’s core data engine achieved a high quality in runtime performance, scalability and manageability. It largely supports different kind of ais and trading algorithms development at a later stage!

What inspired you to pursue a career in AI, and where do you see it taking you?

Before starting ALGOGENE, the founder participated and won various regional and international hackathons and algorithmic trading contests. At that time, the founder was inspired that AI and big data would be the future of financial investment. In Western countries, there are already over 50% of daily stock transactions driven by computer programs. However, due to the lack of platforms providing tools and infrastructure for learning, testing and execution, the development of algorithmic trading in Asia is still at a beginning! Therefore, ALGOGENE was established with a mission to bring these highly advanced technologies to all market participants.

What services do you provide to the customers?

ALGOGENE operates as a PaaS/SaaS business model, providing one-stop solutions for algorithmic trading.

  • ALGOGENE Research Lab : We offer various analytical tools and data for in-depth financial research and building DIY trading bots. The Lab covers multi-variate big datasets including market data, news, economic statistics, weather, calendars, social media, etc. It enables exploration and development of any kind of trading strategy one can imagine (eg. Technical/Fundamental Analysis, Statistically Modelling, Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing, etc)

  • ALGOGENE Trading APIs : Established trading connectivity with multiple exchanges/brokers, we facilitate users to deploy investment bots for real-/paper-trading via a simple configuration. It provides an integrated interface to trade, manage and monitor the overall portfolio from different accounts.

  • ALGOGENE Marketplace : It is a pioneer financial marketplace for social investment for investors to follow trades from global professionals. We continuously create various trading bots and intelligent products, such as trade signal generation, stock selection, risk alerts, or straight-through order execution, in different level of automation.

How do you see AI impacting the future of application development?

With the advancement of computing power and algorithms, it is believed to have more different AI usages in our society in the future. For the financial industry, it has been a global trend to apply technology to investment for the advantages of:

  • Bigger sample size to know about the full picture,

  • The more reliable and accurate investment decision,

  • Faster response than the market

However, many as nowadays are still task-specific. It still requires more efforts for research on generic AI. Once there is a breakthrough on algorithms for generic AI, it will bring us into a new era of computer intelligence.

What are the main challenges do you face with the recent trends in the industry?

Our major challenges come from regulators. Collaborated with financial institutions (eg. Asset management companies and banks) by providing trading strategy development tools and AI investment bots, there are compliance requirements related to:

(a) Information Security – how can we effectively prevent the privacy leakage risks for participating institutions?

(b) Model’s Interpretability – how to explain the interpretability and auditability of the model derived from Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence?

To solve these challenges, we adopt different strategies such as decentralized system and federated learning. ALGOGENE is one of the few companies in Hong Kong that is conducting financial/investment-related activities but exempted from license registration.

What is your strategy to reach new industries and new customers?

We conduct research jointly with universities to explore the applicability of the latest academic theory and bring the latest technology and innovation to customers when appropriate. ALGOGENE is also a founding member of the Algo Challenge Association ( We work with different universities and professional communities to host algorithmic trading contests in different regions. These online contests provide an education platform for students to acquire the latest fintech skills and also allows us to reach new markets.

How do you evaluate success?

To me, success is rather like a process or an attitude of our daily life. Firstly, we need to have a sense of everything surrounding us (eg, people, environment, etc). It leads us to care about others and to identify problems in the market and society.

Then, we should have the vision to solve the challenges or pain points to make the world better. Challenges are not easy to solve at once, but what we need is to have the determination to do it step-by-step. Besides, the world is changing fast and many new things appeared every day. We need to have the passion to learn new things (eg. Technology, business environment, etc), and should always be enthusiastic and positive about new changes.

Which of your projects are you proud of and why?

I am so proud of ALGOGENE, where it was a former academic research project in my master study. After graduating from university, I still devoted to continuously enhance and optimize the algorithm and system and tried different strategy to commercialize the products. In Nov-2018, my startup company was found using the same project name and technology. Since then, the company received much recognition from the industry and academic field.

Tell us about your future ventures.

As the founder came from the banking industry, algogene currently focuses on financial applications. When we continue to collect more high-quality datasets and derive more AI technology, we are eager to explore the applicability in different industries and transit to become a Generic AI company.

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