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Ampotech is a Singapore-based internet of things (IoT) company in the smart building sector that simplifies data collection, analysis, and exchange for energy-focused businesses. Founded in 2014, its products and software provide real-time visibility into power and energy consumption for unique spaces and equipment in a facility, while offering a simple installation process, hassle-free wireless connectivity, and common APIs for data integration. The large-scale, high-resolution data Ampotech provides have been used by businesses in energy services, electricity retail, commercial real estate, and oil & gas to identify energy efficiency improvements, conduct remote asset monitoring, and obtain business insight into operational and activity patterns.


Ampotech’s products are proven in residential, commercial, and industrial applications across multiple countries in Asia. From solar inverters, to HVAC, refrigeration and lighting systems, the AmpoHub and AmpoCloud can deliver reliable real-time insight that is easy to integrate with 3rd party software like enterprise IoT data platforms or cloud-based building management systems. Click on a sector below to learn more about specific applications and case studies.


Ampotech uses the internet of things and edge computing technology to help energy, operations, and facilities managers improve the performance of their buildings. The proprietary AmpoHub device becomes the brain of an electrical panel, logging usage data and detecting anomalies for specific equipment like air conditioners and motors. The data are transmitted securely to AmpoCloud over a WiFi network, where it can be analyzed, downloaded, or shared via API.

  • Wireless:Easy to deploy in new or existing buildings

  • Powerful: Go beyond kWh readings with anomaly detection at the edge

  • Secure: Embedded security features for enterprise-grade data protection



The AmpoHub is an ultra-compact, wireless-enabled power meter and IoT gateway. It measures the power consumption of key equipment and transmits the data to the AmpoCloud platform. The device (pictured) is installed in low voltage electrical distribution panels and has three input

channels for current transformer sensors and three voltage inputs, allowing it to measure single-phase or three-phase power. The AmpoHub also has a built-in WiFi module and data logging capability.


AmpoCloud is a data management, analysis and visualization platform designed for building energy performance data. The AmpoCloud web application is accessible from anywhere and allows the user to view real-time information about the sites, zones, and assets in his/her portfolio or download data for offline analysis and reporting. For operations managers, AmpoCloud provides configurable alerts and anomaly detection capabilities that simplify the management of remote sites and provide insight into equipment performance. For finance managers and energy services professionals, AmpoCloud provides accurate real-time information about energy usage to manage costs, track the ROI from upgrades, and verify the performance of energy conservation measures.

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