Top 05 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in the Philippines 2022-profiles

Aniel Santos Design Co

4. ARCH JOHN SANTOS Managing Partner Licensed Architec

A + S design and consulting company provide quality services ranging from marketing and business management to architectural design and build services. They make it the way you want it! Their focus is to help their customers build their dreams from scratch: from building their businesses to finding their own space! Every detail they incorporate into their projects tells a story about who their customers are.

They are a team of passionate, enthusiastic, and inquisitive professionals who aim to provide architectural, marketing, and management consultancy services for your personal and business needs. The value that their team places on the lives of their customers is really important to them. Their goal is to create and create designs and solutions that enrich the lives of their customers.

They firmly believe in the word collaboration. This translates to how their designs and business solutions seamlessly fit the needs of their customers.

What is the formula for success?

  • Adaptability: They study the specific demands of their clients so that they can provide solutions/designs that fit their needs.
  • Simplification: No matter what the process, architectural design, versatility, productivity, and functionality can never beat a simple approach.

Their services:

  1. Architectural services
  2. Project planning
  3. Schematic design
  4. Design development
  5. 3D rendering/perspectives
  6. Detailed drawings
  7. 3D walkthrough video
  • Building Permit Plan
  • Architectural
  • Mechanical
  • Structural
  • Electricity
  • Sanitary and plumbing
  • Fire Protection
  • Construction
  • Electrical Works
  • Installation of electrical appliances
  • Structural works
  • Mechanical Works
  • Sanitary and plumbing
  • Masonry work
  • Finishing works
  • Plan management
  • Other services
  • Interior design services
  • Customized furniture
  • Environmental graphics and
  • Wayfinding’s (EGD)
  • Value-Added Services:
  • Marketing service
  • Management Consultancy

What makes them unique?

Whether you’re an aspiring business owner, an existing entrepreneur, a power woman/man getting your place, a newlywed couple building a new home, a career shifter, a freelancer, or a professional service provider, Aniel + Santos Design Co (ASDC), from marketing, to management. Can help with architectural design and build services.

Since their main objective is to provide end-to-end solutions for their clients, they have tailored their business model based on the needs of every beginner – adaptability, and simplification. Their company is ready to help you with the creative/strategic aspect so that you can focus on your personal and business goals!


They want to help start your businesses by providing scalable start-up companies with Excellent service quality in the field of architecture, marketing, and management consulting. They want to become the most progressive architectural design and consultancy company with a strong foothold in managing commercial and industrial projects.


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