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Programming languages such as JavaScript enable dynamic user interaction with websites and mobile applications. The long-standing dilemma of reloading a webpage for every new command has been solved by the introduction of this miracle of technology called ‘JavaScript’. Not only has JavaScript facilitated smooth functioning of user interface but also secured better outputs for the Business Intelligence and Analytics industry (BI and analytics). The BI industry solely relies on proper structuring and projection of data for business decisions. White-collar workers devote 30 – 40% of their time to the assessment and search of unstructured data, which is a time-consuming process. As structured data is easy to search and analyze, the BI industry has started opting for platforms that offer them a structured re-assortment of their data using JavaScript.

ANYCHART’ is one such platform that makes user interaction an engaging process. Their website describes the platform as a ‘’light-weight and robust JavaScript charting library” that aims to coalesce and embed eye-catching charts into any cellphone, desktop or web product.

Core features

The library has open access regardless of database type or platform type with an open-source code that can be edited and downloaded. Thus accessibility and flexibility are its core features. The code samples present on the platform have been designed to harmonize with the constantly changing industry standards to produce beautiful visualizations. Additionally, ‘ANYCHART’ provides support in Application Programming Interface (API) and documentation. The different varieties of charts provided by the platform are:

  • Dashboards

  • Line Charts

  • Area Charts

  • Bar Charts

  • Column Charts

  • Pie and Donut Charts

  • Scatter Charts

  • Quadrant Charts

  • Sparkline Charts

  • Combined Charts

  • Marker and Bubble Charts

  • 3D Area Charts

  • 3D Bar Charts

  • 3D Column Charts

  • 3D Line Charts

  • Pareto Charts

  • Venn Diagram

  • Circular Gauges

  • Linear Gauges

  • Radar Charts

  • Polar Charts

  • Funnel-Pyramid Charts

  • Box Charts

  • Heat Map Charts

  • TreeMap Charts

  • Bullet Charts

  • Error Charts

  • Mekko and Mosaic Charts

  • Range Charts

  • Custom Drawings

  • Tag Cloud

  • Waterfall Charts

  • Sunburst Charts

  • Sankey Diagram

  • Surface Chart

  • Word-Tree Chart

  • Timeline Chart

  • Graph Diagram

  • Circle Packing Chart

  • Calendar Chart

  • Automatic Colouring

  • Vertical Charts

  • General Features Chart

In addition to readymade charts, the platform also provides customizations with a variety of drawing tools. Real-time live data streaming is also an interesting addition to the range of services it provides. For amateur users, the platform also provides learning resources to master the art of charting in the form of tutorials, examples and detailed descriptions along with FAQs. BI dashboards which keep track of performance are available in various types for users to utilize. Some examples of these dashboards are Sales Dashboard, CIO Dashboard, Human Resources Dashboard, Technical Support Dashboard and many more.

Their journey

Anton Baranchuk was the driving force behind ‘AnyChart’. He established the platform in 2003 with a mission to “enable creative people worldwide to express themselves using advanced technologies in the form of easy-to-handle tools.” An idea that crossed his mind 16 years back transformed into a multiple user interface today that has worldwide recognition. Around this time, an increasing number of users had started adopting Flash and XML for processing their data and it was soon realized that data from any source could be extracted in the XML format and visualized as an interactive chart in Flash.

With this realization, the founders initially established ‘AnyChart’ to include data presentation in Flash after extraction from its native format. They chose Flash as it was the most widely used technology at that time. Being a relatively young technology with more than a million users worldwide, Flash experienced bug reports and security issues that got extrapolated to the dependent ‘AnyChart’. As Flash was not a technology developed by their team they became helpless collaterals to the damage.

To reduce dependency on Flash, ‘AnyChart’ had to entirely restructure its core framework and optimize its product development activities. With the help of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) the company switched its technology from Flash to php5 while still keeping its Flash components intact for the relevant users. This led to an eventual realization of their full potential as a JavaScript Charting Library in the form of brand new creation.

Ongoing recognition and continuing success

Due to its accessibility and diversity, customers from different fields such as health care, media, retail, telecom, oil, software and many more use the ‘AnyChart’ platform for raw data processing. From startups to bigger companies, the audience range of the platform is extensive. One of the earliest companies to join the list was Oracle.

‘AnyChart’ has been named the ‘Best innovation in JavaScript Technology’ at last year’s DEVIES awards. ‘Analytics Insight’ magazine has included ‘AnyChart’ in the ’10 Next Generation BI and Analytics Companies of 2019’.

The future

The founders wish to expand their horizons to include a wider audience on an international level. They will hasten the process of strengthening the company’s global leadership.

  • Industry : Information Technology & Services

  • Headquarters : P.O. Box 840180, St. Augustine, FL 32080 USA

  • Type : Public Company

  • Founded : 2003

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