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“Common Real-Time Digital AI Infrastructure for Water”

Aquasight has built a single artificial intelligence infrastructure for the entire water cycle. The common infrastructure is being used by 100+ CVT sites (cities, villages, townships) large and small with six plug-and-play solutions and can scale to any community. For utilities and engineering consulting firms, Aquasight is providing great economies of scale without needing to invest in digital infrastructure, resources, algorithms, and technology that are pre-built with over 100 capabilities (anomaly detection to digital twin). The system can integrate with any source & sensor configuration. Utilities can now do more with less and focus on their core competency of treating water, taking care of physical infrastructure & serving the customers. Engineering consulting firms can focus on what they do the best building and engineering resilient water infrastructure.

The platform is delivering value in optimizing pumping operations, predicting water quality, detecting resident leaks, pressure anomalies, infiltration and inflow intelligence, digital pump and blower health checks, performance curves, optimizing wastewater treatment operations, predicting influent and effluent parameters, creating asset risk scores, running digital twins, autonomous monitoring of complex events, providing early warning on infectious diseases such as covid-19, automated data quality checks and much more.

The platform can easily consume data from many different sources that include SCADA, smart meters, LIMS, hydraulic models, GIS, weather, process sheets, and sensors. Aquasight common national real-time platform has six solutions: ATLAS for pump health and operation, AURA for the smart water distribution system, ACE for collection system intelligence, APOLLO for efficient wastewater treatment, AMP for asset management and capital planning, and CEWS for infectious disease monitoring. Aquasight is constantly innovating, so check in frequently with their practically deployable solutions. Challenge them on digital water problems they haven’t solved yet!

Their products:

  1. ATLAS
  2. AURA
  4. ACE
  5. CEWS
  6. AMP
  7. THEON

ATLAS captures equipment and process knowledge to ease the learning curve and lower employee on-boarding costs while improving operational efficiency. Its built-in virtual advisor, AVA, leverages Aquasight’s experts with decades of experience to deliver valuable insights into optimal operations at the lowest possible costs. ATLAS is paving the way into the future.

Website- https://www.aquasight.io/

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