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Architecture49 Inc.

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“Creating an exceptional experience.”

Architecture49 is a national leader in the integrated design and delivery of some of Canada’s most important buildings and environments. They are focused on six key areas of expertise: Healthcare, Hospitality, Science and Technology, Security and Defence, Sports and Entertainment, and Transportation. Their national sectors complement their ongoing base of regional and community work.  Architecture49 boasts a history spanning over half a century of profoundly significant contributions to cities and communities across Canada and beyond. Their people share a depth of experience in designing award-winning, high-profile projects around the globe. Together, they create inspiring spaces that elevate the health, social vitality, and sustainability of their communities.

They believe that their communities are enriched by a broader, more enlivened collaboration between clients, builders, architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and urban planners. They believe in the strength of a multi-disciplinary view and in the ability to shape urban infrastructure to Canadian principles of honesty, diversity, practicality, and regionalism.

Architecture49 is a distinctly Canadian Practice that strategically brought together some of our country’s most accomplished and respected architectural firms including Arcop, PBK Architects, Smith Carter Architects & Engineers, and WHW Architects. They have united under the Architecture49 brand and are committed to designing and delivering high-quality projects that are informed by regional context and guided by national best practices.

They focus on:

  • Healthcare: Their Healthcare practice is a leader in the planning, design, and delivery of diagnostic treatment and critical care environments for the Canadian healthcare sector.
  • Hospitality: Their Hospitality practice is a Canadian leader in the integrated design and delivery of high-profile urban and resort hotels and conference centers for owners, developers, and franchisees.
  • Science and Technology: Their Science and Technology practice is a world leader in the planning and design of academic laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, and medical and scientific research facilities. They have developed expertise in creating specialized and unique facilities for government, academia, and the private sector.
  • Sports and Entertainment: Their Sports and Entertainment practice is a North American leader in the planning, design, and delivery of midsize, multi-use spectator and recreation facilities for public, private, and academic clients. At Architecture49, they design entertainment, multi-sport training, competition facilities, and stadiums that foster a culture of excellence, well-being, and community participation.
  • Transportation: Their transportation practice group specializes in multi-use corridors, transportation-oriented gathering places, and facilities that accommodate everyone, from pedestrians and motorists to buses, ferries, planes, and freight. They integrate high-technology systems and environmental sustainability with urban design in ways that make communities more vibrant liveable and accessible.

Their philosophy is to strive for creative solutions while respecting contextual concerns and achieving technical excellence. They seek to be innovative without being trendy, to be responsive to the client, and responsible to the community. Their approach to the design and planning process reflects a commitment to the pragmatic exploration of real issues – of sustainability and practicability; of functionality and beauty – and they believe that exploration of issues is facilitated through collaboration between clients, stakeholders, and design professionals. The result is spaces that satisfy client requirements, both now and long after the completion of the project.

Website- https://architecture49.com/en/

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