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About the company

Since 2007, Architek has provided experience, education, design and advice, as well as cutting-edge materials and installation services for green roofs, living walls, green facades, and site water management as the leading design-build company in living architecture. For both large and small projects, our expertise in living walls and green roofs simplifies the process from design to implementation. Changing the urban landscape with environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solutions that blend nature’s serene beauty into modern structures.

Our Services

We provide design support, installation and maintenance for most current types of living architecture systems.

  • Residential homes

  • Apartment/Condo buildings

  • Office buildings of all heights

  • Shop drawings

  • Malls & commercial buildings

  • Industrial warehouses & facilities

  • Parking garages

Changing the Nature of Architecture

Architek provides developers, architects and builders with full-service solutions pertaining to green roof, living wall and site water systems including; design, system detailing and specification consultation, advanced product technologies, installation and maintenance services. As living architecture comes of age, having a competent partner, with the expertise to design, detail correctly and execute well, is key to a successful project. Get us involved early and we’ll make you and the building look great.


Architek provides design support, installation and maintenance for most current types of living architecture systems. Our approach is to work with design authorities; architects, landscape architects, consultants in choosing and specifying the highest performance system that is also the most cost effective and suitable for the architectural circumstance.


We then work to provide contractors with materials from our comprehensive portfolio of green roof, green façade, living wall or site water systems as well as offering installation supervision or we can provide comprehensive installation proposals directly using our experienced in-house crew.


Architek encourages end-users and building managers to employ a simple maintenance program to insure the green roof does not just survive but thrives and flourishes – Hence, we offer post-installation maintenance and warranties for all of the green roof systems we design, supply or install.

Our Products

We integrates green roof, living wall, green facade and water conservation technologies in innovative ways while providing advanced products, specifications, architectural detailing, installation and maintenance services.

  • Eco Sedum Trays : Modular green roof systems are ideal for do-it-yourself homeowners, smaller projects, and roofs that have crane access issues. They can also be used for sloped green roofs.

  • Green Roofs : Green roofs address livability issues in dense urban areas, improve both the performance and appearance of buildings, help the environment, and save you money.

  • Vertical Gardens : Increasingly popular over the last decade, vertical gardens offer creative opportunities for designers, and environmental benefits for the people that live and work around them.

  • Green Facades : Green facades provide better air quality, noise damping and natural beauty. They can also bring vitality and character to otherwise dull areas.

  • Site-Water Management : Design and consultation for owners and architects, supplier of advanced products & systems, plus installation and project management services.

  • Integrated Site Solutions : Living building products and systems always function at a higher level when they are designed to work together using an integrated approach.

Source : Architek

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