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Ardent Search Ltd

10. Robert Hall, Managing Director- Ardent Search Ltd- Top 10 Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

Ardent is a Hong Kong-based company and the company has grown to be at the forefront of the search industry in Asia. They work with leading organizations across the Asia Pacific region, helping build leadership teams and achieve their goals. Their clients strive towards transforming and saving lives in communities around the globe. To do this, they require the best scientific, commercial, and operational talent to drive innovation, lead teams, and deliver results. Identifying and securing talented leaders who fit your healthcare organization can be a time-consuming and difficult challenge. That’s why businesses large and small, from across the globe, choose them to help them find the right talent to build their business and achieve their goals.

Their process is designed to locate all potential talent quickly, evaluate thoroughly and provide their clients with a comprehensive insight on each candidate. They bring clarity and certainty to decisions, reducing their client’s hiring risk. They take time to understand their client’s needs, get a picture of the ideal candidate, define the search strategy with the client, confirm the timescale and determine the most appropriate assessment method.

Their experienced team will utilize their senior network, industry knowledge, and in-house research to identify suitable talent. They take time to build a relationship with each candidate, understand their experience thoroughly, core competencies, and goals. They evaluate each candidate through proven behavioral assessment tools chosen to suit the demands of the role.

Why choose them?

They’re the leading specialist in life sciences in Asia. They work with organizations large and small, across Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, and Animal Health throughout the region. Being a specialist means they understand your business. They’ll help you evaluate all talent options, secure the right leaders, build effective teams, and achieve your business goals.

Companies trust them because of their depth of experience and track record of delivering on challenging search mandates with efficiency and speed. Their expertise includes recruitment projects for experienced and leadership talent across all functions, including General Management, Clinical Research, Medical Affairs, Business Development, Supply Chain, Government & Regulatory Affairs, Sales & Marketing, and Research & Development. 

Based in Hong Kong, they have deep connections across established markets such as China, India, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Singapore as well as emerging markets including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Their global connections enable them also to access the best leaders from outside the region who can bring their knowledge and talent to Asia. 


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