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Armor Capital

7. Guillaume Caillet, Managing Director- Armor Capital - Top 10 Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

“Armor” taking its roots from the Breton language, means “guiding you through oceans”.

Founded in 2009, Armor Capital is a financial advisory boutique based in Hong Kong and Paris. The firm provides corporate finance services to mid-cap companies based in the Asia Pacific and EMEA. Armor Capital specializes in cross-border M&A, company valuation, fundraising (equity and debt), and strategic consulting. Our three partners, Guillaume Caillet, Jean Giorgis, and Alain Ghiretti combine 60 years of experience in EMEA and the Asia Pacific. With strong local knowledge and contacts in the key global economies, they help business owners to manage the ever-changing and increasingly competitive economic landscape. Their team places a high value on the enduring nature of the relationships with their clients, partners, and investors, including taking a financial position in a client company.

Enhanced by practical knowledge and motivated by the success of their clients, their team commits to ethics, integrity, and performance. They boast expertise in corporate finance, private equity, venture capital, business development, and entrepreneurship.

Armor Capital has extensive experience in cross-border M&A, financial advisory, and equity fundraising for international companies in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. They also have long-term working relationships with their project financing clients in Middle Asia, for infrastructure and industrial projects. As part of supporting services, Armor Corporate Services can help your company with its corporate, tax and accounting, and human resources need.

Services they offer:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Armor Capital provides insightful advice to business owners and c-suite executives during sell-side or buy-side transactions and closely supports them through each stage of the process. Their goal is to identify risks and opportunities early on to provide their clients with a comprehensive understanding of the different objectives and milestones.
  • Advisory & Valuation: Recently, Armor Capital has realized the following services:
  • Project finance advisory (infrastructure finance)
  • Third-party valuation report
  • Business modeling
  • Performance review
  • Restructuring and divestment
  • Business improvement and development
  • Post-merger integration
  • Stock option plan
  • Shareholder deadlock resolution
  • Exit/entry of a new shareholder(s)
  • Liquidation
  • Strategic consulting and market research
  • Equity financing: Raising capital through equity can be an appealing solution to finance the growth of your business and allow you to benefit from the experience of new investors. However, the process can be demanding, and company value can be lost due to poor advice.

Their team provides early stage (up to series C) fundraising services to start-ups and mid-size companies, suited to their needs. Armor Capital has a strong network of Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and often takes part in equity financing by becoming an investor in your company.

Armor Capital has a solid track record in advising clients who wish to exit their businesses. Their goal is to enhance value for their clients by conducting a structured sales process to maximize the number of interested parties and optimize the timing of the transaction.


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