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About the company

Today’s data-driven world moves at a breakneck speed. From consumers to goods to businesses to operations to revenue, intelligent systems that can learn and build insights for better strategy, experience, and delivery are critical. Artivatic is a worldwide risk and decision-making platform that automates human judgments in the insurance and healthcare industries to deliver efficiency, transparency, risk assessment, personalisation, and digitization across the full operations lifecycle.

The platform offers insurance and healthcare solutions such as smart risk underwriting, alternative data insights, real-time personalised plan offering & automated onboarding, claims automation, sales & distribution, autonomous branch servicing, customer 360, insights and analytics, and more.

Artivatic gives insurance and healthcare companies and developers the tools they need to re-imagine insurance and health products for the next billion customers. Artivatic is continually developing low-cost, modular API infrastructure so that insurance companies and hospitals can go live in days rather than months.

Artivatic is changing legacy, traditional, complex, and “one size fits all” insurtech into personalised, digital, instant, risk-based, new-age insurtech that touches people’s lives, understands their needs, and uses data to give better, need-based products to them instantaneously. Using data, technology, and procedure, Artivatic seeks to create customised insurance policies based on consumer goals/needs in under 60 seconds.

Modular API Infrastructure allows you to develop anything in a matter of minutes without having to write any code. Sales, onboarding, risk, fraud, underwriting, claims, and collections are all areas where you can improve. To scale quickly, use integrated products.

AI & Data at its best, with a core understanding of human and business life. To give the proper products and price, we use data from location, lifestyle, telecom, environmental, weather, sanitation, and other sources.

Solutions Provided

Wellness & Healthcare

This is the industry where Deep Learning technology has the most immediate possibility to drastically improve people’s lives. Only your imagination limits the number of conceivable uses.

The usage cases provided here are far from exhaustive. We believe that the most helpful solutions will arise from the collaboration of AI researchers with healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals, which will be aided by enlightened rules. To give wellbeing to customers, Wellness Artivatic collaborates with wellness and care firms.

Every human requires wellness in order to alleviate stress, maintain mental stability, and live a healthier lifestyle. Artivatic’s proprietary technology and partners’ genetic test-based wellness and health reports contribute to better healthcare and a better quality of life. Our mission is to provide billions of people with low-cost healthcare.

AI in Genetics

Genomics & Bio-informatics with using state of the art technologies, labs and experts. Providing high quality health products, analytics & advise to improve health. Artivatic provides Genomics testing & Bio-informatics research with partners.

Clinics and hospitals

By delivering better health assessment tools, Artivatic assists clinics and hospitals. The extraction and analysis of medical documents are crucial. Providing insurance companies with direct access to claim filing tools provided by hospitals. Artivatic collaborates with clinics to develop a next-generation health-tech platform that benefits people and their health.

Environmental Health

Human survival depends on environmental health. Changes in the environment, such as pollution, weather, and sunlight, have a significant impact on health. Artivatic offers methods for assessing risk in relation to the environment and its impact on health.


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