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Asia Pay

Eturi Corp pl2

“Payment solutions which blend the latest technologies for the financial / banking industries”

AsiaPay is a world-class electronic payment service, solution, technology provider, and merchant aggregator in Asia. They provide a comprehensive array of secured, advanced, and integrated payment processing solutions and technologies to banks, payment service providers, and merchants. They have partnerships with international card associations, banks, payment companies, and debit cards all over Asia.

Founded in 2000, AsiaPay is a premier digital payment solution and technology vendor in Asia, striving to bring advanced, integrated, and cost-effective digital payment processing solutions and services to banks and e-businesses around the world. Their integrated payment services cover credit and debit cards, bank account/net banking, digital wallets, buy now pay later, over-the counters, and other digital means. AsiaPay offers a variety of award-winning, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-card, and multi-channeled payment solutions, bundled with their advanced functionalities including fraud detection, tokenization, data analytics.

AsiaPay accepts Samsung Pay wallet payment, which offers Samsung Pay users a convenient and secure way to shop digitally and make digital payments using mobile phones. Samsung Pay is a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service that can be used on selected Samsung devices to make purchases at a wide range of merchants. Samsung Pay Web Checkout is an online payment method accessed from a web browser, PC-based or mobile, with authentication performed by Samsung Pay on the user’s Samsung device. Initiated from a merchant web page, Web Checkout leverages Samsung Pay’s In-App solution architecture for user authentication and transaction authorization.

This product launch allows AsiaPay to offer its digital merchants in Hong Kong and Asia a popular payment option that readily enhances sales and service. Samsung Pay users can now enjoy a better payment experience and more payment convenience over digital merchants of AsiaPay in 12 markets in Asia including, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Etc.

AsiaPay’s 3DS 2.0 service supports both static password and one-time password (OTP) authentication and knowledge-based authentication options; as well as the support of biometrics in a later stage. Besides, it comes with a comprehensive range of controls and online reporting for issuing banks to manage the cardholder 3D secure registration, cardholder 3D secure status maintenance, and 3D Secure authentication processing.

They provide corporate entities with the latest digital payment values that readily maximize your business’ efficiency, productivity, and global opportunities. They are the leading digital payment processing service and solution house in Asia-Pacific, striving to provide fully integrated and comprehensive digital payment processing services for businesses, charities, and associations as well as payment solutions that blend the latest technologies for the financial / banking industries.


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