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Astarte Capital Partners

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What does an asset management firm do?

An asset management company (AMC) is a corporation that aggregates client money and invests them in financial and real assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, master limited partnerships, and other vehicles. AMCs manage liquid asset trading and pension plans in addition to high-net-worth individual portfolios. AMCs function to serve smaller investors better through the establishment of pooled structures such as mutual funds, index funds, or exchange-traded funds, which they can manage in a single centralized portfolio. Money managers or money management firms are the vernacular terms for asset management firms. Investment companies are those who offer public mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Asset management firms deal with two types of tangible assets: Financial assets and real assets. Real assets are possessions in physical form such as gold, land, real estate or natural resources. Due to their physical form, real assets have an intrinsic worth. Real assets are more-or-less stable at the expense of less fluidity. Real assets are not affected by negative macroeconomic factors such as inflation, global pandemics, unemployment or certain natural disasters. However, real assets require a longer time for sale and carry greater storage costs than financial assets.

Asset management firm Brookfield estimated the worldwide value of real asset equities at $5.6 trillion in a 2017 study. Natural resources accounted for 57 percent of the total, real estate for 23 percent, and infrastructure for 20 percent. Long-lived real assets tend to gain in value as replacement costs and operational efficiency climb with time, according to Brookfield’s 2017 study on real assets as a diversification mechanism. Furthermore, they discovered that cash flow from real assets such as real estate, energy services, and infrastructure projects may give investors reliable and consistent revenue streams.

How does Astarte help Asset Management?

Astarte recognizes the potential of an asset for growth based on its location, sector and position in the market and allows investors to strategically access them. Large-sized real assets that are functionally complex cannot be comprehended by certain large asset managers. These overlooked assets are brought into light by Astarte. Astarte’s novel operating model allows asset operators to focus on operating success while they focus on business expansion and ongoing fund management. Stavros Siokos, the managing partner of Astarte says,

‘‘As an active asset manager building multiple sustainable investment platforms, we are aspiring to act as a catalyst in the development of the next generation of ESG standards and responsibilities for private markets investments.”

Astarte is known to devise investment strategies through the construction of prestigious investment platforms whose core focus is on real assets. For the construction of these platforms, the firm consults operational experts who possess knowledge of the current trends related to real assets such as natural resources, infrastructure and real estate.

Astarte specializes in:

  • Real assets

  • Asset management

  • Private equity

  • Specialist Real Estate

  • ESG

  • UN PRI

Although Astarte primarily works with real assets it has categorized real assets based on their priority. Astarte prioritizes real assets from the following sectors:

  • Infrastructure and Natural Resources

  • Transportation

  • Specialist Real Estate

Dr. Stavros Siokos, Managing Partner, Astarte Capital Partners

A computer engineer by profession, Dr. Stavros Siokos obtained a Ph.D. in financial engineering from the University of Massachusetts. His non-academic career began as a quantitative analyst at Salomon Brothers (Citigroup) in the 90s. He was later promoted to managing director handling global portfolio trading strategies. He describes this period as the best period of education in his life. After a long-spanning non-academic career of 15 years, he became the CEO of a boutique asset management firm. After a long-term struggle to raise capital from global institutional investors, he helped the team create alternative investment platforms that were innovative and eccentric. This led to an exponential growth of assets from a few hundred million to several billion. Based on the same model, he created a new platform in 2015 called ‘Astarte’ to redefine asset investment on a global scale.

Future goals

Dr. Siokos aims to make Astarte a leader in real asset management. Channelizing private capital in an organized manner is the ultimate strategy he wishes to implement.

  • Industry : Investment Management

  • Company size : 11-50 employees

  • Type : Partnership

  • Founded : 2015

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