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Attestiv Platform verifies the authenticity of digital media and data for businesses who want to build trust, save money, and improve service. Attestiv analyzes how you stack up against industry best practices for validating digital media used to make important decisions and enable trusted automation. Actionable insights help organizations improve, optimize and protect their intake of digital media, creating sustainable and fraud-resilient processes.

They help insurance organizations and industries that are dependent on digital media meet their need for automation without opening the door to fraud. For use in quoting, claims, renewals, inspections, and more, they can prevent and detect fraud during customer photo and document submission and within self-service operations. The Attestiv platform validates the authenticity of uploaded photos, videos, and documents provided by your employees or customers. Using their patented technology, you and your customers can trust what’s real. Attestiv does not alter your digital media. The fingerprint and validate media in real-time via mobile devices, APIs, or the Attestiv web portal.

Because fingerprints are stored in a tamper-proof blockchain ledger to ensure authentication, your data cannot be compromised. Traditional chain of custody protocols is no longer needed as digital media can be securely vaulted or shared with trusted parties. Regardless, Attestiv can identify changes or alterations, even eliminating insider threats.

Whether your goal is to streamline workflows to save time and money or retain your existing branded front-end without altering familiar interfaces, Attestiv solutions will meet your user experience goals while you modernize the handling, tracking, and validation of digital media files.

Their solutions:

  • Digital media authenticity: Attestiv protects digital media, including photos, videos, and documents, against tampering and fraud in real-time, with the highest levels of data authenticity, tamper-proofing, and analysis.
  • Intelligent document capture: Attestiv automates document analysis, reading, and processing text within documents, eliminating manual entry and creating a streamlined, mobile-first customer experience.
  • Workflows: Customizable digital workflows that allow your customers or employees to gather needed images, videos, and documents from virtually any platform or smartphone.
  • AI object analysis: Attestiv AI technology accelerates automated processing of digital images and videos, identifying objects and potential anomalies.
  • Condition assessment: Attestiv AI automates the documentation of the condition of assets captured on digital media, rapidly quantifying damage and potential risks.
  • Media anonymization: Attestiv protects sensitive or classified digital media via redaction, blurring, or de-identification without compromising the fidelity of the original digital media.
  • Chain of custody and security: Attestiv prevents alterations and tampering of digital media via multi-tiered security and chain of custody, limiting authorized access and immutably tracking change history.

Attestiv is designed to meet enterprise security and compliance requirements, offering a storage agnostic architecture allowing secure storage of data virtually anywhere, ledger-agnostic architecture compatible with a choice of public or private distributed ledgers and enterprise ACLs that operate seamlessly with your existing user management.

Attestiv assures the authenticity of digital media captured by any person or device utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. They help organizations of all types build trust with fraud prevention and detection and by improving the customer experience for digital transformation initiatives.


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