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Software as a service (SaaS)

Software licensing is the concept of regulating software use in compliance with local legislation. As per the United States Copyright Law, any software not owned or created by the US government must be copyright protected in source and object code forms. An end-user who wishes to charter a software protected by copyright law should first be eligible for a software license that renders the use of such software legally. Without a software license, the use of copyrighted software would constitute a federal violation. Licensees can legally subscribe to the software for a fixed duration of time during which its functioning is hosted centrally by a company or a firm called an MSP (Managed Service Provider). This service of software licensing, delivery and hosting has been named ‘SaaS’ (Software as a service).

Current status of SaaS

All leading companies that manufacture software catering to specific organizations have adopted SaaS as their business strategy. Since its inception, SaaS has found users from varied professional backgrounds. HIMSS Analytics reports 67% of IT Healthcare organizations run SaaS-based applications. The SaaS quadrant is one of the largest and one-of-a-kind in the market estimated to reach $122.6 billion in 2021.

Why choose Augmentt?

MSPs require strategies to offer SaaS services profitably. Moreover, assistance is needed for generating SaaS service protocols. ‘AUGMENTT’ is a platform that lends a helping hand to MSPs for the same purpose. Additionally, the company constantly compares the current SaaS operations of a company with the SaaS security policies to ensure safe and reliable implementation.

What they do

As more and more companies are implementing SaaS, Augmentt provides the MSPs, applications to do so. Moreover, Augmentt provides a platform for the management of the SaaS application. SaaS audits ensure documented transactions with appropriate records by comparing them with the inventory status. Augmentt helps in publishing these audits for a wider audience reach and to a certain extent perform them as well.

However, Augmentt maintains that their end-users are not MSPs but the customers of MSPs, as the company not only helps MSPs implement SaaS but also mediates proper customer usage. SaaS migration, managed SaaS admin and app integration are some of the other services that the company provides.

Keeping track of the finances of SaaS licenses and identification of subscription thresholds are other services that the company offers to optimize the functioning of MSPs.

Derik Belair: The Founder

Augmentt was founded by Derik Belair in 2020 to provide MSPs with efficient SaaS applications. With over 20 years of experience in a senior leadership role, Derik has also witnessed and lived through the IPO process. Derik played a crucial role in the establishment of N-able Technologies, a company that he later sold to SolarWinds in 2013. He was instrumental in the execution of the digital marketing strategy of the cloud division of SolarWinds. Derik secured a bachelor’s degree in business/managerial economics from the University of Ottawa in 1996 with certification in commerce from the Granton Institute of Technology in 1992. This background imparted him with a range of skills such as Cloud computing, enterprise software, marketing, account management, sales process, integration, business development and accounts management.

The idea behind Augmentt

With this background, Derik aimed at transitioning MSPs entirely to rely on cloud-managed services which later incorporated SaaS in its core structure. In an interview with AI Technology Insights, Derek said, “While purchasing SaaS products has never been easier, optimizing SaaS usage and controlling SaaS spend has become increasingly challenging for end-user businesses and MSPs alike. Augmentt’s technology simplifies and automates SaaS management, making it easier and far more effective for MSPs to help SMEs solve for one of the most vexing business and technology challenges they face today.’’ Optimizing SaaS usage has been his primary driving force behind Augmentt.

  • Industry : Computer Software

  • Company size : 11 – 50 employees

  • Headquarters : Ottawa, Ontario

  • Type : Privately held

  • Founding year: 2020

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