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Our Mission

To Make Good Investing Accessible, Affordable & Approachable


To be the leading robo-advisory platform in Asia that helps achieve the financial dreams of anyone and everyone.

Our Story

Traditional Ways Of Investing Are Outdated.

The old ways of investing are riddled with overly complicated terms, high fees, and are often exclusive. Meanwhile, not all of us have the time and expertise to manage our own funds. We believe there had to be a better way for investors.

We Envision A Smarter Way For You To Invest.

AutoWealth began as a social venture to give back more to investors. Our proprietary investment strategy allows us to eliminate intermediary fees and pass on these cost savings to you, our investors. What’s more, you can rest easy while your money works for you.

Your Best Interests Come First.

We are fully transparent. We do away with complex fee structures and we make sure that you are fully informed on your investment progress. Achieving your financial goals is our priority.

Our Investment Strategy

Proven By Well-Established Research

1. Our Passive Approach Market Returns You Deserve

Well-established research from SPIVA Scorecard, published by Standard & Poor Dow Jones have found that active investment managers consistently underperforms in the short, medium and long-term. At AutoWealth, we take a passive market-returns portfolio investment approach. We place strong emphasis on portfolio allocation and diversification without market

speculation so that you can earn returns greater than 80-100% of all active investment managers.

2. Invest In Thousands Of Assets Cost-Efficient Diversification

All AutoWealth portfolios are diversified across more than 8,000 stocks and 600 government bonds. These assets span across 4 major geographical regions (US, Europe, APAC & Emerging Markets) as well as across all major industries. As such, AutoWealth portfolios are more defensive against market turmoils than a portfolio that is concentrated in only one asset class (e.g. stocks). Diversification is also done cost-efficiently through index-tracking ETFs.

3. Easy-To-Understand Transparent Methodology

The AutoWealth portfolio tracks the MSCI All-Country World Index1 and the FTSE World Government Bond Index. Our strategy is transparent and easy-to-understand. We are not a “black box”. Unlike investing through complex, discretionary investment strategies, you are always in control of your investments at AutoWealth.

1AutoWealth Preservation Portfolio and AutoWealth Conservative Portfolio, which have lower portfolio risks, tracks the MSCI World Index which excludes Emerging Markets.

Key Benefits

AutoWealth help clients achieve their financial goals in 3 simple steps:

1.Clients tell the AutoWealth Platform information about themselves through a concise online questionnaire;

2.Clients receive and review the recommended risk profile and corresponding investment portfolio tailored according to their responses;

3.Clients decide and open an investment account with AutoWealth at their convenience;

Thereafter, AutoWealth manages clients’ investment portfolios, from portfolio construction to periodic rebalancing, while clients may access their investment accounts anywhere anytime 24/7 to see their investments grow over time.

  • AutoWealth delivers significantly better returns than most mutual funds (unit trusts).

  • AutoWealth charges a fee as low as 1/4 that of mutual funds (unit trusts).

  • AutoWealth manages clients’ investment portfolio from end to end while clients sit back and enjoy.

Investing Through AutoWealth

All AutoWealth investment portfolios feature a portfolio mix of Equity (Stocks) and Fixed Income (Govt Bonds), diversified across major geographical regions in the world including U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific and diversified across major industries including oil & gas, materials, industrials, consumer goods, health care, consumer services, telecommunications, utilities, financials & technology.

This means AutoWealth’s investment portfolios are generally more defensive against market turmoil and recessions than an investment portfolio that is concentrated in a particular asset class (eg. stocks) or geographical region (eg. Euro-Area) or industry (eg. technology).

AutoWealth achieves the strong diversification effect cost-efficiently through index-tracking Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

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