10 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in Thailand 2022-profiles

AVL Design

10. Kulphat Phatsong, Design Manager - AVL Design - Top 10 Architecture Interior Design Companies in Thailand 2022

AVL is a design company specializing in audiovisual, lighting, sound, visual, and acoustics applications. By placing a system that considers the usage patterns as the main but hidden with aesthetics from the interior including an audiovisual system that shows the identity of each organization If you believe Beauty can be used. Not just decorations, AVL is ready to make your organization space even better. With a long experience joining forces with a team of professional engineers and specialists in each field. while elevating the efficiency of space to perfection.

Their services:

  1. Audio Visual Design

AVL Sound System Design with the use of modern technology that is standard To support the use of the system and audio equipment at full efficiency. AVL designed lighting systems to balance the light in the room. considering the various components inside the room to get the lighting system with the appropriate brightness beautiful in harmony with the interior It can comprehensively respond to different needs and usage patterns.

  1. Acoustic Design

To create a sound environment in the room (Room Acoustics) to meet the standards. Considering the requirements for sound (Acoustic criteria) from sound absorption (Absorption) to prevent the echoes of sound. (Reverberation) Concealing (Coving) to control noise and vibration (Noise & Vibration Control) from the outside creep into the room beyond the standard

AVL designs acoustics considering the work of sound to coordinate with the use of each room Through the calculation of acoustic criteria (Acoustic criteria) from specialists to design the room environment to suit the use of sound. Both the measurement of the reverberation period (Reverberation Time, RT60) to determine the fit of the echo, measure the noise threshold in the room (NOISE CRITERIA, NC) to reduce noise during use. Includes the Speech Transmission Index (STI) to ensure the transmission quality of speech. (sound clarity).

  1. Interior Design

Interior Design or interior design work is the architectural design of the interior of the area To respond to the user since the system installation Design the structure according to the nature of work. including adding beauty according to the style of the place The interior design work is more than just adjusting the space for use. but to adjust the face change the image of the organization

From studying the identity and conveying it through the structure and materials in the interior. to hide details Adapting visitors’ feelings to the mood and identity of the place through the interior.

Their Design Process:

  • Design Input Analysis: The process of acquiring customer needs Analyze operations to meet customer needs. 
  • Concept Design: Create concepts and set design directions that respond to customer objectives and needs. 
  • Design Review: Review the drawings to confirm customer requirements and validate the design standards. 
  • Design Change: Control the change in the design Increased confidence in modifying designs to meet customer needs.

They are committed to the quality of work. Process control with qualified personnel ready to present something creative and standard Pushing the limits of modern technology and tools. for the maximum benefit of your organization, AVL is based on design principles with the combination of quality system work and art together along with conveying the identity of each organization to come out with full efficiency.

Website- https://avl.co.th/

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