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Bailey Law Firm Promotes Innovation To Provide Premier Legal Services For Its Clients

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The company’s team has increased experience in legal field and expertise to pursue successful results for its clients. Bailey Law Firm has the trial attorneys and litigation team to pursue your serious personal injury claim. Bailey’s team is made up of former prosecutors who will vigorously seek justice on your behalf.

We reached out to Jenna Bailey, Founder, to explain about the company’s history and transformation

Kind of a lawyer you are…

Our clients can expect a talented lawyer supported by a team dedicated to the client’s case. Our client’s team works together to constantly innovate to promote the client’s objectives and maximize results. The lawyers of Bailey Law Firm are not afraid to be creative and think outside of the box. Our attorneys strike the balance of collaboration and strong working relationships with opposing parties and fierce litigation.

Our clients can expect a lawyer who is well-regarded among judges and other lawyers and passionate for working with clients. Our attorneys have substantial trial skills and extensive experience handling million-dollar cases. Our clients can therefore expect a lawyer that has the formula to obtain excellent results on their behalf.

Bailey Law Firm strategically handles the complimentary practice areas of personal injury and business law for the benefit of our clients.

Our litigation experience and expertise put us in the best position to advise and protect business owners. Pure transactional attorneys do not know how contract terms play out in court when something goes wrong. As litigators, we know how to draft contracts that hold up in the real world and best protect the business. We know how contractual terms play out in the real world because we have litigated them.

Why do we?

Bailey Law Firm is full-service in offering clients multiple practice areas. Most legal problems are complex and spread across multiple areas. Our attorneys and staff have broad skill sets that allow us to tackle all aspects of our clients’ legal problem. Each team member plays a valuable role on our clients’ cases and has expertise and skill in handling their part. Our services are aimed at helping our clients with their legal needs by truly lifting the burden from their shoulders and taking it on ourselves.

Our team works diligently to efficiently progress cases and matters forward. While the legal field is notorious for dragging things out, we strive to always move the ball forward. Bailey Law Firm works hard to ensure our clients are truly informed

about their case. We take the time to explain things in a way that makes sense. The law is complex and daunting, a feeling we strive to minimize for our clients. To that end, we have a client specialist with a background in psychology who serves as mental and emotional support for clients in serious litigation cases, often involving wrongful death or serious injury.

What do we do?

Our firm routinely sponsors and participates in local charitable events and causes. Our employees are given quarterly paid days off to volunteer with a charity of their choice. We understand that everyone has busy lives so we want to provide carved out paid time for our team to get involved with causes that they care about and that are important to our community.


Earlier this year, our team and families spent the day in a Walk to Save Animals event which raised money for local animal rescues. Last year our firm participated in an event at Arizona’s Capital to raise awareness of the dangers of distract driving. During the pandemic while in person events were on hold, we did a Random Acts of Kindness Campaign.

Our team works together and supports one another in furtherance of our mission of providing best-in-class legal services to our clients and a destination workplace for our team.

Our team has monthly innovation meetings during which everyone brings issues and topics that they would like help from the collective wisdom of our firm. The idea is many intelligent and creative brains are better than one and that we can best serve our clients by brainstorming as a team.


Our core competency is innovation. Innovation permeates how we do our work and how we handle cases. I am a believer that if you hire good people and let them work when and where they work best then you will maximize productivity and quality. My approach to a flexible work environment is not the norm in the legal field. However it has become a differentiator as our firm’s turnover is exceedingly low in an industry that is known for high turnover. My approach allows our talented team to put forth their very best work for our clients. Our low turnover and efficient saves costs which we pass on to our clients through affordable flat fee services for our corporate, estate planning and transactional work.

Bailey Law Firm also utilizes innovation to take on tough cases. Our firm is not afraid to take on challenging and risk cases. We have on several occasions within

the last year obtained favorable results for clients on cases that other firms were afraid to undertake. Tough cases are won through thinking outside of the box.

About Jenna Bailey in her own words..

I started my career as a prosecutor handling gang crimes, sex crimes and vehicular crimes. My trial experience as a prosecutor includes homicides, sexual assault and aggravated assault. After gaining substantial trial experience, I transitioned into civil litigation. I defended large corporations, hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies in multi-million dollar litigation. Needless to say, I am used to high-stakes environments.

In starting my own business, I wanted to use my extensive trial experience and thirst for doing things better to bring innovation to law. I specialize in personal injury litigation and corporate law.

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