Balenciaga Fashion Show 2022

Balenciaga Fashion Show

Balenciaga is a luxury fashion brand founded by Spanish designer Cristobel Balenciaga and San Sebastian in 1919. It got closed in 1972 and was reopened in 1986 under the ownership of Kering (a Multinational Corporation). Balenciaga’s headquarter is situated in Paris, France. The brand is famous for its exclusive, innovative designs and unique craftsmanship. The founder Cristobel Balenciaga is known as The Master of Haute contour, which is made from high-priced, delicate fabric and sewn with attention to minute details. The brand is best known for revolutionizing women’s fashion.

Recently Balenciaga Fashion Show 2022 was conducted in Paris and the cast who walked the show toasted it to Balenciaga’s 51st Haute contour collection. The Autumn/Winter collection 2022 was held on March 6th and was attended by famous celebs like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, and Dua Lipa, who graced the runway.


This year’s Balenciaga fashion Show was dedicated to the Ukraine war and Climate Change. It was themed as a giant snowball, in which models walked through blizzards and storms, which represents both the displacement of thousands of Ukrainians and the impact of the climate crisis. The setting of the stage was designed as a curved ball and the audience was separated through a glass partition and a man-made snowstorm. A T-shirt colored with the Ukraine flag was placed on each chair.

Niklas Bildstein Zaar was the collaborator who designed all this. The occurrence of models was also out of ordinary, where they were drawn from backstage by a wind machine, the reason to do so was the representation of extreme weather conditions which are too predictable in an ongoing climate crisis. 

Accessories and Clothes-

Due to the global pandemic, this annual fashion show was not conducted in 2021, thus this year’s show resumed from where March 2020 was left. Models were seen wrapping themselves in towels, which can barely cover their undergarments, an oversized coat, and taped edges, and the purse was shaped like a trash bag.

This edition of the A/W collection was conceived as ‘biblical’ because the runway was flooded and snowy, the atmosphere was stormy, apocalyptic dress code, and dark burning skies. Before the show, Balenciaga also paused all other fashion updates and products and focused completely on the Ukraine-Russian conflicts. After all the black, white, and dark shades represent war effect, displacement, and climate crisis, the final ultimate look was designed in the bright colors of the Ukraine flag.


Balenciaga Fashion Show 2020 donated to ‘The World Food Programme’, to provide for thousands and thousands of people constantly getting displaced from Ukraine and moving to other countries. The creative director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia himself is a Georgian refugee and he relives his trauma of being a refugee which he introduced at the beginning of the show. 

Every guest was provided with a Ukraine flag T-shirt and a personal note from the director to emphasize the message. Kering, the multinational corporation which owns the brand has shut down its two stores in Russia as a protest against the ongoing Russian-Ukraine conflict. The brand used social media as a medium to reciprocate its message, it was approximately 14 million followers and the brand wiped all previous images, replacing them with only one of the Ukraine national flags before the show.

In a nutshell, the show gave an unexpected, exquisite experience that was not predictable for the audience of a luxury brand. Instead of going on with its otherwise usual fashion style, the brand chose to convey a message globally through its annual show. This shows awareness, compassion, and initiative taken by a brand as big as Balenciaga.

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