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Bandwagon is the leading independent music media company in Southeast Asia, delivering news, entertainment, and events happening in our region to millions of readers around the world.

Noticing the demand for quality coverage of music in Asia and a site which music lovers can congregate, Bandwagon was started. Our goal is to inform, educate, and excite readers about music in Asia.

Bandwagon interfaces with the entire cross-section of the music industry- artists, labels, concert promoters, brands, venues, and fans. We see ourselves as builders of the music ecosystem. From our work, we want to see more artists in Asia being able to make a living, more packed venues, and more interest in our music culture from people around the world.

Bandwagon Events

We tap on our expertise and deep networks within the music industry to organise events that appeal to music lovers. We also work with brands, providing unique avenues for them to connect with their desired demographic and reach their publicity returns.

1. Bandwagon Bus

A festival bus from Singapore to Malaysia’s largest creative arts festival! Live music on the bus, activities to mingle with fellow music lovers, and an all-in-one convenient travel and festival package all rolled into one.

2. Bandwagon Riverboat

A first-of-its-kind music festival on South East Asia’s only Mississippi Riverboat. Sold out in 6 days and labelled as one of Singapore’s most unique gigs.

3. Bandwagon Nights

A weekly series in partnership with heritage music venue Hard Rock Cafe. The event features the most emerging and buzz-worthy acts in Singapore and the region.

4. Bandwagon Music Market

A groundbreaking event that brought music communities together in Singapore and the Philippines. Featured artists from diverse genres, pop-up stores inspired by music, and a sold-out crowd for local music.

5. Bandwagon TV

Bandwagon TV is dedicated to documenting music in Asia as it happens. Working with artists who are touring or based in Asia, Bandwagon TV captures unique insights into some of the region’s best artists. With unique programming ranging from outdoor performances, game shows, interviews, and episodic series, Bandwagon TV is the destination for music lovers of all kinds.

6. Bandwagon Taste Test

One of our video channel’s most successful series, the Taste-Test involves getting well-known international acts to check out a sample palette of our local artists.

7. Unique Interview Settings

We add a twist to interviews, putting artists through gruelling challenges as we extract the unabashed truth about their lives and music.

8. Bandwagon Presents

Performance videos involving some of the most breaking and buzz-worthy artists would are touring the Asian region.

Inventing new ways of engaging via music content

  • For Event Organisers

Connect with our passionate and diverse music enthusiasts via bold advertising experiences, sponsored editorial content, and data-driven solutions.

  • For Brands

Stay top of mind from announcement to show date, and drive ticket sales via our suite of prominent advertising placements, creative & shareable music content, and event activations.

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