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Banjo Health

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About the company

Prior Authorizations are a time-consuming administrative process for practically everyone involved in the care process. For health plans and pharmaceutical benefit managers, Banjo Health created a prior authorization decision assistance tool. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to customise our platform to each payer’s specific prior authorization criteria, and we integrate with the prescriber’s electronic health records to draw directly from the prescriber’s notes to drive accurate decisions while reducing the administrative burden on payer and prescriber staff.

Rising above the impediments

Saar deftly navigated all of the stumbling blocks. “It was a lot of fumbling and bumbling around with a lot of blunders at the beginning of my career,” he says, “but all of them were fantastic learning opportunities.”

He believes that the most successful firms are laser-focused on what they are doing rather than getting sidetracked and attempting to be all things to all people.

“We spent a lot of time in our early days trying to find any method to suit our solution across a number of healthcare applications, but we eventually returned back to our original thesis, which is AI-powered decision for Prior Authorization,” he continues. We have made tremendous progress and continue to observe explosive growth as a result of refining our emphasis. We’re quite excited because now that we’ve said “no” to more things, we can finally say “yes” to the one item that would truly improve the entire healthcare experience for all parties involved.”

Bringing the change

Saar Mahna, the Founder and CEO of Banjo Health, is leading the way for his company by combining the power of technology with the healthcare industry to enable patients receive quality care in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We assist your clinical team in making prior authorization decisions more quickly and accurately, resulting in better outcomes for your patients due to a faster time to therapy. Payers consider Prior Authorizations (PAs) as tools to ensure appropriate use of medications and medical services while also managing healthcare expenditures. At Banjo Health, we strive to improve the patient experience. We can reduce the expense, time, and administrative burden that PAs impose on all parties participating in the process by understanding that they will not go away.

Technology is critical in bringing about fresh transformation. Banjo Health’s team is working to push payer and provider technology to improve outcomes and deliver value-based savings across the sector.

We keep a close watch on industry developments to stay ahead of the competition. As an organisation, we are always observing and listening. We also have a number of relationships in which we are able to learn about events before they occur. As a result, we’re able to keep ahead of the curve, and we’re also looking at primary source material more often than secondary source material.

Life as CEO and Founder

Saar prefers to play the field offensively rather than defensively when wearing the CEO hat at Banjo Health. “A lot of people think the CEO is the quarterback, but in my opinion, my job is to do the blocking and tackling so that my squad can get down the field,” he says. Eventually, I hope that my role will move to that of a coach on the sidelines, and we can begin to create the team, but for now, I feel like I’m playing offensive line.”

As a self-motivated individual, he maintains himself energised in order to motivate the team to achieve their full potential and give the greatest outcomes possible. He feels that a company can try new things if it has a good team. “If you want to go fast, go alone,” he says, quoting a renowned African saying. Go together if you want to go far.” Every Friday, the team has an open discussion in order to foster a healthy working relationship. As a result, everyone can share anything about their lives with whom they feel a little close, allowing for the formation of a strong team network.

Future ventures

Prior Authorization is a very active and painful process for patients, doctors, and payers in today’s society. Banjo Health wants to turn it into a passive process that runs in the background while still allowing all parties to achieve their objectives: providers can provide the best level of care to their patients in a timely manner, and payers can ensure that their members are receiving care based on the most up-to-date care guidelines and within their benefit design.

We’d like to go beyond payers and begin working on prescriber process as well. That is something we are looking forward to. We are starting to observe the rise of various private insurances on a global scale, which means that Prior Authorization will become more common in other countries. However, we do not consider ourselves to be merely a PA firm. We want to use technology to help solve the world’s health problems, particularly when it comes to the administrative burden in healthcare.

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