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Bestag Vermittlung AG


Reliable bridge between seller & buyer for best property deals

Bestag helps property sellers with the sale of their property, helping them set the right price, find the right agent and establish the right agency contract. Bestag is a service-minded challenger to the Swiss real-estate brokerage. Using data analytics and incentive contracts to drive truth, trust, and performance, we generate outstanding sales for their customers.

The central idea of ​​Bestag is to redefine real estate brokerage for the benefit of the seller. The sale of an asset is often the largest financial transaction of a lifetime. Professional support is necessary. However, this support must be specific and justify its costs by bringing real added value. Bestag Formula provides property sellers with all this transparency at no additional cost. To maximize the money after the sale, the selling price is the most important factor.

Optimized innovation that guarantees efficiencies, performance, and effectiveness. Unique in Switzerland, Bestag’s software identifies the three best agents for any property sale. Based on market data, this is done objectively with 15 criteria across three dimensions: portfolio, performance, and behavior.

Bestag provides the best valuations available on the market, obtained by combining these three expert valuations with two analytical ones. With these innovations and pay-for-performance brokerage contracts, property sellers maximize the money left over after deducting all charges.

Bestag Advantages:

  • More Qualification: In an in-depth analysis, Bestag matches the characteristics of your property with the profiles of all active agents in the market. There are three best proposed for you; Their expertise is guaranteed to make the most of your property.
  • More Performance.: You don’t unnecessarily pay an agent good money. The better your sale, the higher the agent’s fee: He’ll do everything he can to sell your property for the best price.
  • Save Time: You don’t need to waste time looking for the right agent. Bestag does this quickly based on all relevant criteria. In addition, the property is valued right from the start: it is likely to be sold quickly.
  • Save Money: Your property is sold at the best price, hence investing in the services of a competent agent gives good returns. Whatever happens, you win.


Bestag is the winning formula to sell your property at the best price. Bestag’s mission is simple: Focus on the sellers and ensure that their interests are protected throughout the sale. With the support of Bestag for this important financial transaction, the property seller takes all decisions with complete confidence.


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