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Founded in 2012, Bigger Brains is known for its high-quality online learning courses in both software and business soft skills. Bigger Brains is recognized as a Microsoft Silver Partner and is the winner of multiple awards for its software training and LMS learning library. Bigger Brains is acknowledged as one of the industry’s best suppliers of online content. Bigger Brains courses are built in a unique “Teacher/Learner” style, featuring two people on camera to recreate some of the interactivity and physiological benefits of classroom training, including dialogue, humor, and practical use case examples. This Uniquely Engaging™ video-based format is more enjoyable and more effective than traditional eLearning formats. Most Bigger Brains courses include handouts, practice files, and quiz-like knowledge checks. Some include free post-training reinforcement through the BrainBot learning retention app.

Bigger Brains courses are popular with both learners and training professionals around the world. Utilizing experienced teachers and subject matter experts with real-world experience creates the most realistic and comprehensive online training courses possible. The expansive course library, which includes Spanish dubbed courses and captioned courses in French, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, and other languages, is available via their mobile-friendly online classroom or any SCORM or xAPI compliant LMS.

Bigger Brains is not the largest supplier of online learning courses.  They aren’t even number two. They are the best eLearning publisher at creating engaging, convenient, and comprehensive online business courses. They provide choices that make their courses a fit for all staff members, no matter their level of knowledge or proficiency.  They concentrate on providing Microsoft apps training and productivity courses that are available for just-in-time training or comprehensive deep-dives.  All this makes them one of the most indispensable course creators in the industry.

Apps and Tools they use:

  • Teams App (eLearning in MS Teams): Convenient eLearning right inside Microsoft Teams! Bigger Brains’ library of over 180 award-winning online courses has been used by companies all around the world. Traditionally these courses are accessed through a company Learning Management System (LMS), or a web portal. Now the entire training library is easy to access right inside Microsoft Teams through the Bigger Brains eLearning app.
  • BrainBot (The Revolutionary Reinforcement Tool): Their most popular courses have a prompt at the end to start the BrainBot Boosters so students can retain the information they’ve learned, even if they aren’t using it right away. It is easy to do, and they get to choose how the boosters are delivered – Email, Facebook, Teams, or Slack.
  • License Server (Know Where Your Course Are): Many eLearning publishers work hard to create great content, only to struggle to report on usage and manage contractual compliance. And eLearning buyers, even with the best of intentions, find it difficult to keep up with expiration dates and allowed user counts for every course in their LMS, not to mention updating courses as new content and translations become available. The Bigger Brains Licensing Server solves both problems, by managing course usage, expiration dates, and reporting for both the eLearning publisher and the eLearning customer

They are honored to have been recognized by the industry they serve, including those that judge by customer satisfaction, expert analysis, and industry standards.  And while awards are nice, their customer’s thoughts and continued business are their highest honor. They strive to offer the best customer service with the best business skills, Microsoft, and IT training possible. Their training library is comprehensive and diverse, meeting almost any company’s needs.  They aim to be indispensable to the learning industry and to the people and staff they serve!

Bigger Brains is committed to providing the world’s best eLearning courses, but they don’t want to stop there. They believe that giving back is the key to a better world, and are committed to donating a portion of their revenues to non-profit organizations focused on improving the quality of life here and abroad. 


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