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“Innovation, agility and quality in multiplatform software solutions”

Since 1988, BRISA has been providing business solutions and communication technology services through the development of strategic and technical projects. BRISA has 5 offices, 30+ years of experience, 20,000+ projects, 10+ million test cases, projects in more than 20 countries, and methods based on leading market practices. In 2016, BRISA expanded to the United States with BRISA America Corp. They are dedicated to supporting companies and governments in achieving their goals through the use of information technology and telecommunications.

Their software development teams create solutions of different complexity and deliver full-cycle development services to make their clients’ plans come true. They build high-quality, flexible, and reliable software with guaranteed delivery.

They have experienced technical staff professionals certified in the major systems development methodologies, capable of quickly absorbing new and specific technologies. They have been providing highly complex, customized, and innovative software solutions to different business areas.

BRISA America Corp. presents two major offers: Software Testing and Automated Courtesy Calls.

  • Software Testing: They help you to avoid rebuilds for your software, offering a complete testing solution for your company. Learn how their industry experts can ensure your software is completely tested and operating at its highest ability. Take a moment also to know about Software Flash Testing, a revolutionary methodology that reduces contracting risks and provides results in just one day!
  • Power Dialer and Client Call Plus: Power Dialer and Client Call Plus are automated calling systems, designated for helping your company with courtesy calls, like scheduling confirmations, payment reminders, etc. Power Dialer was designed for large companies’ communication needs, while Client Call Plus addresses the needs of small businesses.

Service they offer:

  • Software development process/artifacts: Interactive execution with the client in short cycles, using the best practices to achieve the final result.
  • GIS-based software: They create software and applications integrated with the GIS database, such as vehicle fleet management or field service team management solutions.
  • Software localization: They help you adapt your solutions to various languages, laws, regulations, and technical requirements of a target market.
  • RPA/RDA – Process Robotization: They automate time-consuming, high-risk, repetitive tasks, tasks that require execution outside business hours, and much more. They can help you reduce costs and human errors.
  • Embedded software: They develop new features for proprietary hardware, such as printers, GPS trackers, mobile phones, and many others. They use high-end technologies from various platforms and protocols.
  • Digital certificate software/PKI software: They develop software integrated with digital certificate technology, for processes requiring a high level of confidentiality and security, such as the digital signature of documents and logical access control protocols.
  • IoT – Internet of Things: They offer Internet of Things (IoT) services that allow the safe connection of devices, applications, and data in real-time, enabling innovations and applying transformative changes to your business.
  • Mobile Application Development:  They offer high-end mobile app development services for platforms and devices.
  • Web development: They offer a variety of custom website development services, from web development and web application testing to building custom e-commerce and social commerce solutions.

Why Brisa?

  • Innovation
  • Knowledge
  • High quality
  • Cost/Benefits

They are proud of the results they have achieved together with their customers, working on thousands of complex and challenging projects. They provide integration services for applications and systems of various purposes and complexities, with the most diversified languages and platforms, seeking to meet your business needs.

Website- https://brisausa.com/

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