Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022-profiles

Capstone Prep Education Center

3. Ronald, Founder- Capstone Prep Education Center- Top 10 Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

Capstone was founded with the core mission of fostering tomorrow’s leaders by preparing them to succeed in both an increasingly competitive academic environment and an ever-changing professional world. In an increasingly competitive landscape, they believe that it is essential for students to develop key skills to create a strong foundation in critical thinking and communication. With enrichment courses centered on writing and presentation, mentorship programs, test prep resources, and a robust academic consulting service, Capstone pioneers’ leadership, and long-term skill development.

Capstone cultivates skills for a lifetime. Their students learn to analyze issues and solve problems. Their students learn to present with confidence and write with clarity. Their students challenge their limits, exceed in their respective fields, and lay the groundwork for future success.

Capstone’s team of instructors and consultants brings an amalgam of unique experiences and knowledge to their students. Their team is passionate about education and is constantly striving to develop new ways of engaging with student needs. As a testament to this devotion to education, many of their instructors have graduated from elite universities and hold multiple degrees. Their instructors come from all walks of life, including academia, law, finance, technology, and consulting.

Their spaces are more than just classrooms. They are lecture halls, discussion tables, debate stages, and labs. They are spaces where students challenge ideas, engage with instructors and peers, and ultimately grow as thinkers and leaders.

Services they provide:

  • Academic Enrichment: Capstone provides a range of enrichment courses aimed at improving students’ critical thinking, writing, and debate skills across twelve grade levels.
  • Admissions Consulting: Capstone offers a range of admissions consulting services for boarding school and university admissions in the US and the UK.
  • Mentorship: In addition to cultivating skills, Capstone offers a range of courses to begin developing students’ higher education and professional interests.
  • Test Prep: By providing a range of resources and tailored attention, Capstone works to improve student performance over a range of tests such as the SSAT, SAT, ACT, and more.

The driving force behind Capstone is its students. Founded on the belief that talented students thrive on a robust education that nurtures individual strengths, Capstone has been the critical thinking and leading pioneer in Hong Kong and Asia for over a decade.

From the beginning, Capstone recognized the need to mentally prepare students for not only an increasingly competitive academic environment but an increasingly competitive world. Simply finding answers and memorizing information is no longer enough in an international landscape that prizes growth, flexibility, and innovation. They saw that their students needed to be able to ask questions and solve problems. They saw that their students needed to be able to analyze, defend, and present their ideas with confidence, poise, and grace. They saw that their students needed to find solutions – not just the kind that would get them a perfect SAT score, but the kind that would cultivate their professional growth as they pursue new possibilities for their future. Their students learn to make new strides, not follow in the footsteps of others.


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