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About the company

Carcare’s main goal is to assist in the automation of business decisions in order to protect as well as streamline the process for easy automobile sales, outstanding remarketing, and trading. This approach is also useful for determining what needs to be done with an automobile after it gets on their lot. The finest feature is that the system can handle all processes, including wholesale, export, and increased ad spend, among others. Every car will choose the optimal course to increase its chances of making more money in the most efficient manner.

Some people have a passion for programming but are unable to identify it until they take the wrong course and then change their minds. Lars Eriksson, the CEO of CarCare, has always been captivated by computer programming. He started his journey in the programming world after dropping out of his economics course in Stockholm. It was there that he learned about digital marketing and automation.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Lars has always aspired to design a system that is basic and straightforward. He worked till the wee hours of the morning to make this crucial point. He appreciated his work, though, and wished to make a significant contribution so that people around the world might be free of unneeded labour. “Even if the system consists of one huge green button, it is still a threshold when you try to deploy it in an organisation,” he says. We had to rethink how to incorporate Carcare into our automated process in a way that was seamless with the technologies that the crew was already using.”

He possesses three key attributes that enable him to continue on this incredible route. To begin, he enlists the assistance of a variety of experts who are more knowledgeable in the industry. Second, he is more quick-witted when it comes to making judgments and managing all aspects of the business. This practise of making quick decisions aids him in achieving his objectives quickly. Third, he goes the extra mile to show the team that he gets his hands dirty and can inspire in the most effective way.

CarCare Services and Future Vision

The main target group includes all automotive dealers who can easily use Carcare that is linked to its DMS and testing software so that it can identify all the bottlenecks as well as inefficient cars at a very beginning stage.

In case this process holds a high automation rate and goes faster, the environment will become happier and the business with the end customer will improve as well. The best part is that all the cars will become highly efficient rather than being parked for 96% of their entire lifetime. Also, all dealers will also feel that a more transparent purchase is taking place between the customer and client with accurate pricing. It will also lead to high profitability among the parties.

Being the CEO

Being the CEO, Lars works very closely with the entire Carcare team. He is passionate about innovating something new so that all the employees can feel that they create something marvellous for all the customers. Currently, they are a small company however, great ambition, as well as goals, can make them attain all the heights they plan to achieve.

Because there are so many targets to complete, the entire crew has yet to fully appreciate the wonderful adventure. Carcare still has a bright future ahead of it at the start of the journey. Currently, the company is having a good time on the cruise.

He is a great believer in sharing the experience with others. “To be honest, I haven’t looked that far ahead,” he says. It’s crucial to me that I enjoy my work so that I don’t wake up one day and realise how much time has passed. If I can’t have fun at work and work on inspirational projects, I need to find a new job.”

Maintaining a work-life balance is key to being happy when managing a startup. While there are numerous recommendations on the internet, he was given the advice to schedule spare time in the calendar. Unexpected occurrences, on the other hand, are tough to manage because they occur at inconvenient times, and it is made worse when nothing can be rescheduled.

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