Top 10 Skin Care Companies In Malaysia 2022-profiles

Caroline Skin Care

10.Kacy Lam COO Caroline Skin Care

Their products are certified and registered with the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency

Caroline Cosmetics Enterprise is the headquarters of Caroline Skin Care and the beating heart of its operations. Located in the bustling Petaling Jaya, it was founded in 1990 by Carol Aw, its Founder, and CEO. Caroline Cosmetics Enterprise started as a company focused on Professional Beauty Machineries. Appeared and went on to list Caroline Skin Care for Professional Skin Care Products and Skin Care Solutions.

What started in Malaysia will continue to grow and expand abroad, and they are always looking for more people who love beauty and skincare to join their team.

How it all started

Years ago, a young mother lovingly sought a solution to the problem of acne in her young daughter. As a Beauty Trainer herself, she found an effective formula that solved her baby’s skin problems and, in response to her baby’s changing needs, developed it into a complete range of skincare. Later, she changed the products to the beauty needs of all women generally with the same love and care of the mother. Since the first product, Refining Cream, Caroline Skin Care has been carefully developed in France and carefully packaged in Malaysia. Today, they have sold over 100,000 bottles of Refining Cream.

What they can offer

  • Whole MALAYSIA: Their products can be shipped throughout Malaysia via City-link Express.
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping to peninsular Malaysia or any purchase for more than RM300 for East Malaysia.
  • Certified: Their products are certified and registered with the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA).
  • Sample: They offer a free product sample to try.

Their Unique Feature

As Caroline Skin Care grows and expands worldwide, they remain faithful to its values. They only develop and sell products that they can be proud of using for themselves and their family, and they always provide professional, personal consultation to meet individual needs. With the “pre-purchase test” philosophy, they offer free samples to ensure that the quality of beauty works for you before you buy. They place their hearts and souls in each product to be “made with love” – created with the utmost care out of love for their customers. That is a guarantee of Caroline Skin Care.

All their products included their signature HeartEssence

With the love at the core of everything they do, “HeartEssence” is their way of expressing their concern for everything they create. Great care is taken as they select only the best ingredients to be included in their products. They pay close attention to even the smallest detail because they believe in love – little things that make a big difference!


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