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Their innovative “Advanced Liquid Glass Technology”

The Liquid Glass technology is a multi-award-winning technology that allows the end-user to protect both industrial and domestic surfaces with ultra-thin, super durable coatings of invisible, easy to clean, glass. The technology is highly versatile as it finds its application in various industries, including food, automobile, medical, industrial, aviation, marine, and more. The application is almost endless.

It should be noted that nano-scale glass is very different from the glass which you see in windows as all nano-scale coatings have attributes that are not seen in the macro-scale glass. Nanoscale glass is highly flexible it stretches and flexes, It is inherently hydrophobic (repels water) this is why it is used on windscreens, shower screens, and clothing.

It is also very easy to apply and this is why it is sold in stores throughout the world.

Headquartered in Overath, near Cologne / Germany, CCM GmbH has been involved with the development and marketing of Liquid Glass technology since 2006 and as a result, it offers an unrivaled experience in the supply, packaging, and worldwide distribution of this technology. They offer a very wide base for coating technologies that allows the end-user to coat almost every surface with SiO2 coatings ranging from 100nm,

(approximately 500 times thinner than a human hair) to approximately 20 microns. These thicker coatings are used for coating surfaces such as ovens, statues, cars, boats, etc.

It should also be noted that they supply award-winning technologies for cleaning the target surfaces before application.

Their Quality Control

CCM develops, tests, and manufactures the coatings to meet the highest standards. They of course ensure permanent product control. They use the best German raw materials and do extensive product testing in-house and then they often verify performance at external testing labs before they bring a new product on the market. Germany is quite famous for its chemical industry and the high quality of the products, and they are part of this internationally recognized cycle of excellence.

The Founder

He is a sales & marketing specialist and he built up a chemical factory, together with a friend, 25 years ago. After 10 years they split the companies and he founded CCM to concentrate on the development and production of Liquid Glass coatings. Central to this new project was the awareness that he had to create a team of which shared his values. It was essential for him to work in a structure that focuses on transparency, innovation, and flexibility. With these values, he was able to build a great company in this exciting market.

Honors and Achievements

Over the last 15 years, they have already won 17 awards. On four separate occasions, they have won “The Green Apple Award”, UK’s Int. Award for environmentally friendly products. They have also gained several other awards for their Liquid Glass Coating Technology, for example, their long-term surface disinfection and their Bio Cleaner.

Their training services

They offer international training once a year in Germany. They have provided training since 2010 and have welcomed participants from up to 20 countries each time. They have therefore already trained hundreds of companies from all over the world. Additionally, they organize local training for their partners in their home countries. They have visited, China, Thailand, Argentina, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Finland, and the Philippines to provide bespoke training events. Additional information about their training events can be found on their website.

The recent pandemic has of course prevented them from organizing international training events but they have been able to offer support via online video conferencing.

Future Prospects

They believe that their portfolio of Liquid Glass products is still not close to being fully maximized (let us say 5% of the potential is being addressed); so there is huge global potential for their customers and CCM. Most people still feel that this is a “new market,” but in fact, they have already

been active in this technology sector for over 15 years. Their team has learned a lot in this period.

There is a very high innovation rate and amazing things will come in the next years such as superhydrophobic coatings for buildings, solar panels, cars, and industrial uses. For example, buildings that stay dry (do not absorb moisture into walls or roofs) and therefore gain from increased thermal efficiency.

The “old” technologies would cause the buildings to sweat, but SiO2 coatings are breathable and invisible, yet keep the buildings completely dry. They are also involved in agricultural, aviation, fabrics, healthcare, and solar projects. In addition, they are very close to finishing the development of an

anti-microbial Liquid Glass coating which can be active for years

The Team

The company is managed by the MD’s Heiner Perk and Bernd Zimmermann, Technical Director is Neil McClelland who is responsible for the development of new products, and Gerd Zimmermann (Bernd’s brother) who manages the sales department. Behind them are a team of innovative chemists. They also focus a lot of energy on marketing and logistics.

Their contribution to Healthcare.

They offer disinfection products with proven long-term efficacy. An example of an award-winning product is their surface and mobile phone disinfection which lasts for up to 10 days. This coating is of course highly effective against Covid and thousands of other pathogens.

Their hand disinfection lasts for two hours. This is ideal for use in all areas but it is especially of interest to the aviation sector as passengers can apply the sanitation onboarding the flight with the knowledge that they will be protected throughout their journey. With these “long-lasting” systems they close the disinfection gap, as common disinfectants are effective for seconds or minutes.

Year of Founding: 2006
Funding Information: Private owned by the MD’s
Founding Members: Bernd Zimmermann, Heiner Perk
Office Locations Diepenbroich 8 (street) DE-51491 Overath
Company Strength: Liquid Glass Coatings, Disinfectants, Bio Cleaner
Website https://www.ccm-liquid-glass.com/

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