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What is community supervision?

Community supervision is the protocol followed by the state to supervise former federal offenders in their local community rather than in a correctional facility. Probation and parole are two methods of implementation of community supervision. Both run parallel to collateral programs such as day reporting, substance abuse treatment, mental health services and vocational training. At present, about 4.5 million individuals are under some form of community supervision in the US. These people account for 69 percent of the total prison population. Probation accounts for 56% of individuals under correctional institutions’ authority of Charles Koch Institute. Although the number of people on probation has decreased by 14% since 2007, yet the number of people on parole has climbed by 6%.

The goal of many community supervision agencies is to prevent recidivism. The National Institute of Justice, US reports a 44% return rate of convicted prisoners within a year of their release. Approximately 68 percent of the 405,000 inmates released in 30 states in 2005 were arrested for a new crime within three years of their release, 77 percent within five years, and 83 percent within nine years.

Role of CFive Solutions in Community Supervision

Five Solutions, Inc. ( cFive) is a software company whose goal is to help community supervision agencies minimize recidivism, enhance lives, and create a safer environment for communities. For more than 20 years, cFive has provided outstanding solutions for community supervision agencies, their staff and end-users. The company also provides that has changed the realm of supervision by increasing efficiency threefold. The company has lent a helping hand in the following departments:

  • Probation Case Management

  • Pretrial Case Management

  • Community Supervision

  • Community Corrections Case Management

  • Juvenile Justice Case Management

  • Parole Case Management, Juvenile Detention

  • Social Service Case Management

  • Supervision Management

  • Offender Management

  • Remote Supervision

  • Communication and Engagement Software

Products offered

Among the many products offered by the company, ‘Catalyst’ is noteworthy. Catalyst integrates the three main supervision services of Appointments, Messaging, and Questionnaires as the service of clients and case managers. It aggregates proven behavior modification methods such as personalization, positive reinforcement, and the ability to engage a client’s support network in a unique way not possessed by any other product on the market. While decreasing case manager in-person involvement, Catalyst securely provides effective remote supervision that reinforces behavior change and compliance. Catalyst works to achieve

  • Behavior modification through positive reinforcement

  • Management of workloads through automation of the administrative arm

  • Reduction of the rates of absence

The second product that the company offers is cFive Supervisor. It is a strong data-guided supervision management system that brings all evidence-based practices under one platform. Supervisor works to achieve

  • Creation of efficient data-driven supervision plans

  • Improved productivity of every task through adequate data tracking

  • Increased understanding of clients and their demands

  • Improved overall agency operations

With its technical knowledge, real-world experience, and a tried-and-true methodology, cFive welcomes agencies to utilize their solutions.

James Newman, CEO

James Newman, the founder of cFiveSolutions has created and directed effective sales organizations, played a vital role in leading a start-up to a successful IPO, and orchestrated lucrative operational expansions and turnarounds as a seasoned senior executive with a broad range of skills. He has helped companies augment their record sales and profitability. He obliterated the gap between business and innovation by transforming highly technical thoughts into customer solutions with the aid of developing technology. He played a crucial role in the establishment of profitable customer and vendor relationships. He established cFive Solutions in 1999 intending to empower agencies, caseworkers, and leadership with succinct, actionable data that increases productivity and provides insight.

  • Industry : Computer Software

  • Company size : 11-50 employees

  • Headquarters : Tustin, California

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 1999

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