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Chief Group

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What defines them?

They are a premier integrated services provider and stand out because of their operational differences, experience, and size. The Chief group provides quality services across the board because of their experience in each area and the fact that they hire the finest at what they do. Regular up-skilling and an emphasis on education for all members of their personnel and management teams ensure this.

At their core, they are professional, dependable, and detail-oriented, with exceptional project management and communication skills. For those who require the best security, cleaning, and maintenance services and support, their expertise and authorized methods provide full-circle solutions.

Their commitment to their clients is to provide a comprehensive range of high-quality services. They are confident in their abilities, personnel, and processes, and can thus gladly offer compliance and quality assurance services to a variety of industries.

Their organization is led by a seasoned management team that has established the industry standard in terms of training, company culture, and adherence to quality standards. The ideals and promises of Chief Group Services are upheld by their executive team.

Their expertise

Chief Group Services specializes in offering the first-class service in three key areas. Their unified set of core deliverables enables them to meet the growing demand for integrated services among large corporate and government customers.

Their key services are designed to provide security, cleaning, and maintenance solutions to the government and commercial sectors, alleviating the stress of managing internal staff scheduling, training, and onboarding processes. They manage your staffing, rosters, project management, training, and quality assurance so you don’t have to.

They approach each project on its own merits, tailoring solutions to the needs of the environment. From business towers to retail malls, a certified team of experts is then dispatched to oversee the security, cleaning, and maintenance requirements of your site.

Their key service sectors’ performance is built on a comprehensive grasp of their client’s expectations in all situations and conditions.

Their mission

The founders quote, “Our mission is to provide superior, quality and innovative service solutions that are based on a deep level of understanding of our client’s requirements, coupled with highly qualified operatives and exceptional standards of safety performance.”



Chief Group Services offers maintenance services to both small and large businesses. Their skilled team of professionals can meet your maintenance needs on a regular or ad hoc basis.

When required by their prestigious clients, the Chief Group Services maintenance solution can do the required work in a timely and efficient manner. The management teams of commercial buildings, shopping malls, and strata complexes frequently use their services for routine maintenance.

Their maintenance industry may require handyman services, tradespeople, or specialists to handle plumbing, electrical, or technical issues. Consider collaborating with them, a renowned commercial building maintenance business, for your maintenance needs to ensure you have skilled tradesmen available 24 hours a day.

Their maintenance specialists work with the following industries:

  • Government

  • Commercial

  • Aviation

  • Retail

  • Strata

  • Public Domain

  • Hospitality


The staff at Chief Group are experts at providing safe and effective corporate security services to properties and assets around the clock, seven days a week. Their employees are prepared to ensure property, asset, and personal safety at all times.

To ensure a premium security service that caters to each of their client’s requirements, they provide ongoing training and support for all of their security employees. Their security staff is also aware of their surroundings and has experience with sensitive public relations.

Each security guard is hired based on their ability to meet the company’s stringent hiring requirements and their compliance with health and safety regulations as well as fire safety regulations. Chief Group Services is a leading security supplier because of its 24/7 manned control center, which has access to facilities all around Australia.


Their cleaning service, which is a key Chief Group Services service, accounts for a substantial amount of their clientele’s reach. They guarantee quality cleaning services in all locations and situations, as well as open client communication to ensure customer satisfaction after each clean.

They prioritize the use of green cleaning solutions as your leading commercial cleaning business to support healthy workplaces for their employees and clients, as well as to encourage sustainable work practices inside their organization. Cleaning services for corporate, commercial, and retail clients include internal cleaning, disinfection, and hygiene-related services, as well as common area contract cleaning.

Their commercial cleaning services are dependable, prompt, and available on short notice, with a local operations team ready 24 hours a day for emergencies that may arise in strata, retail, or commercial common areas.

Their professional cleaning teams provide services to the following sectors:

  • Government

  • Commercial

  • Aviation

  • Retail

  • Strata

  • Public Domain

  • Hospitality

Danny Farah JP, Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Chief Group Services, he has a strong and effective background in the integrated services industry, and his approach to effective company management is to advise, educate, assist, and mentor his team to deliver a first-class structure and service to their clients and each other.

His mission is to always deliver cost-effective, integrated security, cleaning, and maintenance services to fulfill the needs of his clients. He was able to grow his skills, proficiencies, and gain essential experience in business and people management in his previous work as a Director and Senior Manager of a top security company in NSW.

Since the launch of Chief Group Services, they have expanded across Australia, with offices in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, and the ACT. They understand the demands and requirements for integrated service solutions for the corporate sector, as well as delivery to a wide range of industries such as government, commercial, aviation, retail, strata, public domain, and hospitality.

  • Industry : Facilities Services

  • Company size : 201-500 employees

  • Headquarters : Hurstville, New South Wales

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2016

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