Five Best Dynamic Business Leaders Ruling the Law Industry - 2021-profiles

Chiu Cheong LLC

4. Dennis Loh Managing Director Chiu Cheong LLC Five Best Dynamic Business Leaders Ruling the Law Industry - 2021

 Chiu Cheong LLC knows how important it is for its clients to be able to tap professional and customized legal advice at a competitive cost. That is why their vision and goal have always been to be innovative enough to constantly innovate, reduce costs and be flexible enough to provide a tailored solution so that they can provide the best value for their customers. Contact them and they’ll show you how they can solve your problem or add value to your transaction.

Dennis Loh is the founder of the firm. He has a unique passion for the law that has not subsided even after more than 23 years of practice. Dennis’ many years of practice have led him to argue numerous cases in both the state courts and the Supreme Court. When you choose to tap into Dennis’s skills you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Dennis graduated with honors from the University of London and was also admitted to the United Kingdom as a barrister.

Why choose them?

  • Transparent price: There are no hidden costs. Find out in advance how much you will pay for their services.
  • Value for money: Pay less for better service. Their prices are competitive across the industry.
  • Experienced team: 25 years of combined experience handling all types of property transactions. 

What is LPA (Lasting Power Of Attorney)?

It is a legal document that allows a person at least 21 years of age to appoint one or more persons to make decisions and act on their behalf. The event that he loses his mental capacity.

There are two types of LPA. The first type of LPA empowers the donor to deal with the donor’s property and finances. For example, the donor (s) may sell the donor’s assets or make payments from a bank account held in the donor’s name. The second type of LPA allows the donor to make decisions regarding the donor’s health and well-being. For example, the donor (s) may decide on the donor’s medical treatment, diet or accommodation, etc.

When does LPA take effect?

LPA will be applied when the donor loses his mental capacity. When the mental capacity of the donor is restored or the LPA ceases after the death of the donor.

If a person suffers from an injury, disorder, or condition that affects the way his brain works and has difficulty making decisions, he is said to lack mental capacity.

Why create an LPA?

If you lose your mental capacity in the event of an accident, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances, the LPA protects your interests by allowing you to personally appoint someone you trust to be responsible, competent, and able to act on your behalf.

If you lose your mental capacity, having LPA will reduce the stress and barriers imposed on your family. Without an LPA, your family may face a lengthy and costly process of appointing a deputy or deputy as per the Mental Ability Act.


Chiu Cheong LLC is a boutique legal firm with decades of experience specializing in handling the legal aspects of property transactions. Are you trying to buy, sell, refinance, rent or manage your property? Leave it to their experienced team of lawyers to handle it.



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