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Credit card processing has grown in popularity, and many industry experts see great opportunity in the payment market. Jeff Brodsly, President and CEO of Chosen Payments, was one such leader who was passionate about running a firm and making a lot of money. His mantra, quest, and only ambition became achieving success in Chosen Payments

Birth of Entrepreneurship

Jeff was never a studious student, which resulted in him receiving ordinary grades. He was smart, though, and knew that if he put out genuine effort into something, he would be successful.

“When I started high school, I became involved in a Business Academy within the high school,” he explains. This is where my dream of being an entrepreneur started to take shape. Within the academy, I rose to the position of leader and was instrumental in enlisting the help of other students. Within the academy, I became a creative driving force, and it gave me great pleasure to see others succeed. This is a quality I’ve kept throughout my life.”

He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in sociology after high school. He even began a real estate company, but when the market crashed, he turned his emphasis to credit card processing, which was steadily getting traction, and Chosen Payments was born.

It was not, however, an easy journey. “Setbacks are a part of life,” he continues. The speed with which you recover from a setback is determined by the type of the setback and your ability to recover rapidly. While I’ve had several setbacks since beginning Chosen Payments, two of the most memorable involve creating my first credit card processing company with a few partners.”

Vision and Services

Chosen Payments is a brand that provides specific vertical businesses with Merchant Services. The crew is knowledgeable about the various sectors they serve, and as a result, they are more than just a credit card processor; they also cater to certain business niches.

“We learn to speak the jargon, walk the walk, and talk the talk,” Jeff adds. I hire people who work in the sectors we serve so that we can become experts at serving them and understand their specific requirements.”

We offer credit card processing, check guarantee services, merchant loans, branded gift and loyalty card programmes, internet shopping cart integration, and payment processing that can be incorporated into current apps or developed from scratch. We’re a one-stop shop for being paid for goods and services for retailers.

Chosen Payments has stayed ahead of the competition by focusing on specialty areas. While he used to rely on cold calls and meeting as many individuals as possible to convert into clients, client recommendations are now his key source of new business. Adapting to shifting business conditions is critical in order to meet a variety of needs.

Every company’s growth will be fueled by the use of cutting-edge technology. Experts at the company have created apps that notify retailers when money is deposited into their accounts. A business owner can be on the beach and receive notifications on how much money has been deposited in his bank account, which made the payments, and much more. We must keep up with the industries we serve and how they envisage the use of technology because we live in a technological environment.

Core Values

However, acing the A-game requires a mix of culture and creativity. There are a slew of other critical metrics to keep track of. Transparency, honesty, hard work, and loyalty are all emphasised in our work environment. Our executive team sets an example for others to follow. We’re working on a number of projects to develop the next generation of payments technology, and we’ve developed much important collaboration to ensure that our clients have access to the most cutting-edge technology available.

Their team uses Agile Methodologies to ensure on-time delivery and proper fulfilment of all requirements when building corporate products. Before releasing the final product, they perform extensive research and have a thorough understanding of the merchants’ needs. In addition, testing is at the heart of their development to ensure that Independent Software Vendors, merchants, and others have a positive user experience. Each solution is created using no specific programming language or technique.

Each project and team is free to employ whichever technology they like as long as it is scalable and capable of completing the task. This is due to the fact that each project and team are distinct and have different needs. We have QA and peer review mechanisms in place to assure the integrity of our goods, as well as change control methods to prevent any nasty bugs from making it to market.

To give the best of the best, the company prioritises merchant feedback and keeps development in line with demand.

Being CEO & President

He believes in conceptualising future business development goals as the company’s CEO and President. “My work entails hiring and nurturing a core team of executives who share my vision

and can not only carry out my vision but also contribute their own vision to their department or area,” he says. This includes sales, operations, marketing, technology, and finance directors. My key obligation is to set the vision and ensure that every department and team gets the greatest tools possible to fulfil their tasks and achieve my goals.”

Jeff has taken his firm to new heights by starting it from the ground up with his heart and soul. The most significant distinction is being named to First Data’s President’s Club year after year since 2012. The inclusion of First Data, the world’s largest credit card processor, is the highest honour available and is based on year-over-year growth. Chosen Payments was ranked the 800th fastest growing privately held company in America by Inc. Magazine in 2017.

About Future Ventures

Jeff has a strong desire to take his company to new heights. He has already calculated his future goals, as he is an excellent planner.

“We recently launched a new sales office in Grand Haven, Michigan,” he explains. Because we have sales offices all around the country, we can participate in and attend conferences without having to drive vast distances. We prefer to meet with our merchants in person, thus dividing the country into areas allows us to do so more frequently. In terms of worldwide expansion, we expanded into Canada last year and will continue to look at other countries in the future, but for now, we’re concentrating on gaining merchants in the United States.”

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