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Christy’s London

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About the Company

Craft is important in Christys’ London. Miller Christys’ dedication for excellent quality and skillful craftsmanship has been passed down through generations of hat manufacturers since its foundation in 1773. preserving Christys’ crimson and gold logo as a mark of fine, traditionally handmade hats. Christys was and continues to be a forward-thinking business, and though processes have largely remained intact and legacy is vital, it is Christys’ ability to transcend trends and societal boundaries that keeps its hats in high demand.

Thanks to Steve and his team’s efforts, they have established themselves as a global power. With a focus on helping the less fortunate, Steve recently aided the community by leading the company in supporting thousands of underprivileged people in Ecuador by establishing the Christy’s London foundation, which builds schools, roads, and homes for rural villagers who support the hat-making craft.

About the journey

The brand has been established since 1773, myself and my team are custodians of this wonderful institution, and it is my job to pass it on to the future leaders of the company in a better position than when I inherited it.

He expanded his education base in the business domain from New College Swindon and Oxford University- Keble College. He started his professional career as Trainee Dispensing Optician in Haine and Smith. Then he went up to grab different titles and handle various roles, which allowed him to expand his skill set. He gained valuable experience throughout his career in various leadership positions, moving into the role of CEO Christy’s London in 2017.

Bringing the change in the industry

Christy’s London is one of the most well-known companies in the world, with a history dating back over 200 years. Christy’s London is well known for producing over 70% of its products in the United Kingdom, from its plant in Oxfordshire, using traditional strategies and machinery dating back over 200 years. “This definitely sets us apart from our competition,” Steve says. “Our history and tradition are authentic, and we would never compromise the quality of our products by cutting corners.” We stand by these key traits as a company, and they create a firm platform on which to build.”

Even though the brand adheres to the highest quality and standards, the team continues to keep up with current, futuristic, and emerging fashion. Steve and his team have expanded their horizons and entered new channels that have benefited and inspired them. They also

collaborate with a number of the world’s most notable designers and businesses, giving Christy’s London a unique viewpoint.

The craft is important at Christy’s London. Our love for immaculate quality and skillful craftsmanship has been passed down through the generations, preserving Christy’s red and gold insignia as a symbol synonymous with beautiful traditionally produced hats since its foundation in 1773. Christy’s London is a one-of-a-kind brand that honours its historic roots and practises while also keeping up with the latest fashion trends. They still want to grow their company and work with additional people in the fashion industry.

Being the CEO of the company

Steve has a lot on his plate being the CEO of such a large corporation, and he needs to juggle a lot of things for the company. Every single day presents him with a new opportunity as well as a new task to do something significant.

Steve grew raised in a sporting family as a former national swimming champion and semi-professional player. He had the desire to succeed since he was a child. “This foundation taught me how to be a part of a team and how to achieve big things when a team operates at its best when each member of the team supports one another and has the same goal,” he says.

He is a self-motivated individual who enjoys taking on new challenges with a positive outlook. “I am decisive, supportive, and I always strive to work with a grin on my face,” he says. I am not a believer in erecting barriers. If you can see the broader picture, there is always a route forward. These, I feel, are crucial qualities for someone in a leadership position to possess.” He feels that sitting back and resting on one’s laurels breeds complacency, and that setting that example as a leader is not a good idea.

He has extensive corporate experience in the industry, allowing him to gain first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to be on the front lines of a firm. As a result, he can truly comprehend what is necessary throughout the industry, as well as how to comprehend and link it to his team and their demands at all levels of the organisation.

Managing the phases

Work-life balance Balance is crucial, and he has perfected it at this stage in his life.

“When things get tough, I try to see solutions rather than issues and focus on what I can do to attain a result,” Steve explains. Family time is extremely essential to me, because it helps me stay grounded and appreciate the present.”

Future ventures

Managing such a vast firm, keeping up with current trends, balancing personal and professional obligations, controlling retail and e-commerce stores, production and wholesale channels, and many other responsibilities, Steve manages to keep everything on his plate in order.

“We hope to improve on our position as the expert in luxury headwear and accessories, and the manufacturer of choice for brands who incorporate own label headgear and accessories in their collections,” he says of the company’s future plans.

Source & reference : Christy’s London

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