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City School of Architecture

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The City School of Architecture (CSA) with a background marked by more than 34 years, offers way in structural training towards a vocation in the structure business with an expansive based instructing and learning measure, established in genuine work on, making a pathway for understudies from getting a degree to turning into a Chartered Architect.

Its organized educational program, plan studios, hypothetical and innovation based schooling and the encounters of the act of design inside the learn and work, “sandwich idea” of the course, empowers understudies to shape working connections and build up direct connections with the development business. Understudies study in a climate where basic reasoning, imagination and development will be enhanced in them prompting an expert vocation.

CSA is an authorize School of the Board of Architectural Education (BAE), of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA). It got The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) full accreditation for its Parts I and II Courses in January 2011 and was genuinely re-licensed in March 2016 for the following 5 Years. CSA understudies effectively finishing the Parts I and II Courses and Examinations will get the universally presumed exception of the RIBA Part I and II Professional capabilities. This capability will empower understudies to apply for RIBA International Membership.


The City School of Architecture is optimistic in its quest to become one of the leading institutions in the South Asian Region, to educate and train Architects.


The Mission of the School remains to train students as qualified Architects with competitive and comprehensive knowledge of the profession, able to adapt to real and contemporary trends and needs and be professionally ethical and socially and environmentally responsible. Within this larger scope, the school also envisions to promote in its curriculum and ethos that would attract students from a wider cross section, including foreign students.

Courses Offered

 Diploma in Architectural Studies

 Higher Diploma in Architecture

 Bachelor of Architecture Honors Degree

 Master of Architecture and Environmental Design

Website https://www.csacolombo.edu.lk/

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