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Climate change: wind and solar reach a turning point as demand boost

2.Climate change wind and solar reach a turning point as demand boost

In 2021, wind and solar power generated 10% of global electricity for the first time. 50 countries obtain more than 10th of their power from wind and solar sources, as noticed by Ember research, a climate and energy think tank.

The energy demand is increasing by bouncing back of economies from Covid-19 and it triggers the demand for coal power and rises in the coal rate since 1985. In total, solar, wind and other clean energy sources generated 38% of the global electricity in 2021. The share of wind and solar resources (10%) has doubled since 2015. The Paris climate agreement was signed in 2015.

The countries that shifted rapidly towards wind and solar are the Netherlands, Australia and Vietnam. These countries shifted a 10% of their electricity demand from fossil fuels to green sources during the last 2 years. The Russia-Ukraine war could also give a stimulus to electricity sources that don’t lean on Russian imports of oil and gas.


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