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What are the objectives of CliniShift?

The main objective of CliniShift is to address healthcare organizations’ growing reliance on high-cost agency workers. The founder knows firsthand the difficulties of filling last-minute shifts via phone calls and instant message groups as a former hospital CEO. Her efforts to solve this challenge have resulted in the CliniShift technology platform. CliniShift now helps workforce teams and managers in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and North America. CliniShift aims at making the app a go-to solution for healthcare executives throughout the world.

Salient features

The CliniShift software package is designed to help hospital executives better interact with their clinical staff by eliminating the need for manual processes and cumbersome communication methods. The team has implemented particular algorithms within their platform to maximize shift acceptability for the real-time distribution of overtime and contingency shifts. Any healthcare organization, including hospitals, community care centers, and home care agencies, may benefit from this software.


1. CliniShift App

Workers from various sorts of healthcare organizations, including doctors, nurses allied health professionals, and non-clinical staff can download the CliniShift App for iOS and Android. People can communicate their willingness to perform extra shifts inside their company. They can use the instant messaging system of the app to connect directly with their boss. The texting service has been named CliniChat.

  • Core features of the app :

– Inbox : Staff may see a list of their scheduled shifts, broadcast history, request to cancel a shift, and ask their boss for yearly leave.

– Calendar : Staff can notify supervisors of their anticipated availability up to three months in advance, or they can identify themselves as busy to avoid needless shift requests.

– Broadcasts : Send out informational newsletters on procedure changes and department updates to your staff.

– Sync : Staff members’ native calendar apps will display booked shifts informing them of their scheduled shifts 24 and 3 hours in advance.

– Timesheets : Employees may use the app to sign off on hours worked as well as check their time and attendance.

– Credentialing : Our integrated credentialing feature in the CliniShift App allows personnel to manage their credentialing and necessary CPD papers.

  • Logging into the app :

Before being allowed onto the Manager portal, a staff member must first download the CliniShift App and provide some important information about their skill set and years of expertise. Staff members will find this to be a straightforward process. Staff members can be added to specific groups, get shift notifications, interact with their manager, and exchange vital information regarding their obligatory ongoing professional development and training materials after they have been authorized.

  • CliniShift Manager :

Through the CliniShift Manager, management staff will have complete visibility of who is available for shift call-outs on a day-to-day basis as employees disclose their availability to perform overtime or extra shifts on the App. The CliniShift Manager software will eventually make time-consuming phone calls, text messages, group chats, and emails obsolete.

Aimée Madden, Founder & CEO

An experienced CEO with a track record in the hospital and healthcare industries, Aimée boasts a range of skills including negotiation, business planning, analytic skills, coaching, and healthcare information technology. She is a strong business development expert with a master’s degree in healthcare management from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, with a specialization in healthcare. As a former hospital CEO, she single-handedly experienced the difficulty of replacing last-minute vacancies on hospital rosters via emails, phone calls, and text messages.

During her tenure as the CEO of a hospital with limited resources and low finances, she felt the need to handle personnel shortages quickly. Initially, she attempted to address the problem by establishing a group text messaging service but later realized its unsustainability in the long run. CliniShift was formed out of a desire to expand and improve on this concept, thereby freeing up resources to be reinvested inpatient care.

  • Industry : Hospital & Health Care

  • Company size : 2-10 employees

  • Headquarters : Dublin

  • Type : Public Company

  • Founded : 2016

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