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CliniShift was Founded in 2015 by Aimée Madden, with the aim of tackling the increasing reliance by healthcare organizations on high-cost agency staff. As a former hospital CEO, Aimée has first-hand experience with the challenges involved when filling shifts last minute through phone calls and instant messaging groups. The CliniShift technology platform was borne out of her dedication to solving this problem. Today CliniShift is supporting workforce teams and managers across multiple healthcare organizations in Ireland, the UK, and North America. Aimée’s ambition is to make CliniShift the leading technology when solving the challenges met by healthcare managers globally.

Their team is passionate about what they do and the problems they are solving for staff and managers across the healthcare sector in multiple markets. The CliniShift technology is a bespoke solution that has been designed and developed from our Headquarters in Dublin by a highly qualified and dedicated team. Each member of the CliniShift team brings with them a unique skill and talent that has resulted in a software platform that is offering a comprehensive suite of workforce solutions right across the healthcare industry.

CliniShift is an e-resourcing software suite providing an information, communication platform which enables healthcare managers to reach out to their own internal staff to ensure non-scheduled shifts are filled at short notice. It encompasses both the CliniShift App, which is free to download by staff (both clinical and non-clinical), and the CliniShift Manager. The CliniShift App allows staff to publish their availability and accept shifts seamlessly and the CliniShift Manager sends out requests to suitable candidates instantly using your Organisation’s own cohort of staff. Using their unique queuing system you will be able to canvas staff in a conventional and seamless manner.

their algorithms produce powerful request queues based on staff members’ booking patterns and their engagement with the app. CliniShift not only provides an effective way to communicate with staff around shift management, but also their broadcast functionality enables managers to send out short bulletins of information to groups of staff. CliniShift is a disruptive technology that was designed to challenge the current over-reliance on outside agency staff.

Products they have:

  • CliniShift App: The CliniShift App is available to download on iOS and Android by staff in any healthcare Organization across all professional types including Nurses, Doctors, Allied Health Professionals, and non-clinical staff. Candidates can share their availability to work extra shifts within their organization and receive important information such as changes to their shift details. Staff can also request time off and receive confirmation of the request all to their smartphone. 
  • CliniShift Manager: The CliniShift Manager web portal is fully integrated with the CliniShift smartphone app, facilitating communication between Managers and staff in real-time. As members of staff share their availability to work overtime or extra shifts on the App, Managers will have full visibility of who is available for shift callouts on a day-to-day basis. Time-consuming phone calls, text messages, group messaging, and emails will soon be a thing of the past using the CliniShift Manager platform.

Services they offer:

With the current staffing challenges being experienced most significantly in Acute Hospitals, CliniShift’s technology can reduce overreliance on agency staff by growing recruitment and increasing retention across both clinical and non-clinical staff, including nurses, doctors, allied health, facilities management, admin, and catering services. This enables all short-term shifts or white space in rosters to be managed using one, easy use, platform.

  • Targeted shift requests:  Send out queued requests to targeted groups based on availability. Shift details are easy to extract for weekly and monthly payroll.
  • Swap shifts: Give staff the ability to conveniently swap shifts with one another.
  • Time Off:  Staff can request time off through the CliniShift App which managers then have full control to approve, reject, or edit.
  • Broadcasts: A private messaging service giving staff and managers the freedom to connect on a shift-by-shift basis.
  • Alert: Receive notifications to your smartphone when a new shift request has been sent.
  • Calendar Integration: Booked shifts will appear in staff members’ native calendar app notifying them when they are due to be at work 24 hours and 3 hours beforehand.
  • Document Management and Credentials: Manage staff credentialing & mandatory CPD documents using our integrated credentialing tool.
  • Scheduling Tool: Manage all permanent and open shifts together in one place from the CliniShift Managers portal. Staff can in turn view all shifts from their smartphone.
  • Targeted Micro-Learning: Send out bulletins of information relating to quick changes in protocols as well as updates to a staff member’s department.

Their goal when they founded CliniShift was the same as it is today, to provide the best in class workforce solutions so that our customers can focus on what matters most to them, their patients, and staff. As a provider of technology to the healthcare industry, we pride ourselves on delivering innovation & quality to our customers. Our team is committed to the problems they are solving for staff and managers across multiple markets, with passion and talent.

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