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CodeSpark is the world’s most innovative system for teaching young kids about computer science. They have play tested their way to a custom curriculum for kids 5-8. codeSpark’s “pick up and play” game mechanics are specifically designed to appeal to a broad range of learning styles and abilities. In their tablet-based game, players control characters called Foo. Problems are solved, games are made, and things are built by programming Foos. Now and then a Glitch gets loose and messes things up.

The explosion of interest in learning about programming intersects with the massive adoption of tablets and a failure by schools to teach about computer science to create a massive global opportunity for self-guided education. codeSpark is a subscription service that is much more effective than any of the current “learn to code” apps and much cheaper than private tutors or code academies. codeSpark’s founders are two geek dads who are successful entrepreneurs and who have decades of experience in subscription-based services and online games. 

The Benefits of Learning Code:

  • Get a head start in STEM: Ignite interest in STEM by showing how science and technology can be creative and fun.
  • Pathway to Math and Reading: Sequencing skills learned in codeSpark Academy are the building blocks to early literacy and mathematics.
  • Breakdown Stereotypes: The earlier kids are exposed to programming, the less likely they are to demonstrate gendered stereotypes about STEM careers.

codeSpark’s mission is to help all kids learn to code by igniting their curiosity in computer science and turning programming into play. Their award-winning app is designed to teach kids 5 and up the foundations of computer science through puzzles, coding challenges, and creative tools.

They believe that to create the best learn-to-code app for all kids, it is important to foster a creative and innovative environment by building a diverse team that reflects the many communities they serve. As part of this effort, they are a participant in Kapor Capital’s Founders’ Commitment to diverse and inclusive hiring and are proud to report that 50% of their team is women and 50% is people of color. codeSpark is also proud to be part of the HOMER family, a growing team dedicated to helping kids everywhere get the best start to their learning journey and build critical skills for the future.

Website- https://codespark.com/  

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